Are Havanese Barkers? What is Their Triggers?

For those of you who are about to become or deciding whether to become Havanese owners, one very common question is whether the Havanese are barkers? And some may even want to know what the majority of the Havanese’s personality is like. Before I answer the question, I just want to let you know first that every Havanese is different. Yet, the majority of the breed to behave pretty similarly. Knowing what they generally are like can be useful as long as you are open-minded enough to accept the difference in your Havanese. Now, let’s explore the personality of the Havanese, the little dog that is unique and lovely.

Havanese are Slightly Below-Average Barkers

If I have to rank how intense a barker the Havanese is, I would rank it 4 out of 10, with 10 being the most aggressive barker. Most Havanese owners don’t find it annoying to have their Havanese bark in reasonable scenarios. Now, let’s explore some of the types of scenarios that may make them bark.

Havanese Usually Barks When Strangers Pass by the House

One common scenario where the Havanese would usually bark is when strangers pass by the house. Havanese have the potential to be trained as watch dogs although they are no where strong enough enough to be trained as guard dogs. That means that they are born with the sense to protect his home. With proper training, they can do that more regularly and consistently. Generally speaking, it is nice to have your Havanese to bark when strangers pass by your home. That is the most organic and fun to use home security system you can ever get.

Some Havanese Barks When They Want to Play

Some Havanese are like some of the 2-to-3 year old babies I have met. Those babies I have met tend to cry and whine and walk around impatiently when they want to go out with their moms and dads and want to play. That’s the same for some Havanese, they do bark and want to get your attention. That sometimes happen when the master is picking up the keys and the wallet and about to go to work, the Havanese would start barking and asking for his opportunity to go outside and play together. For many owners, they would be happier if their Havanese don’t bark under this scenario.

Some Havanese Barks at Neighbours

This is the scenario where the owner of the Havanese would feel pretty embarrassed. Some Havanese barks do treat neighbours as strangers even if they have met for many times before. For example, you may be taking your Havanese for walk everyday and you may be passing by the same neighbour every time. He can still decide to bark at the neighbour and making the moment just a little embarrassing. That is also a scenario that the owner usually want to avoid if possible. But at the same time, it is not really a big deal to have them bark like that. Not too many of the Havanese have this issue though.

Havanese Barks When Walk By Another Dog

When you take your Havanese for a walk and you guys walk by another, there is a good chance that your Havanese is going to the one that barks first. May be that’s because they are just more verbal and more energetic than a lot of dogs, despite their cute looks and small bodies.

Havanese Barks When Another Dog Barks

This scenario is actually a pretty common scenario for most dogs. When some other dog is barking, whether he is barking directly at your Havanese or just barking randomly, your Havanese would have a tendency of barking back. That’s too common for most dogs so this scenario is not really considered as an issue.

Havanese Barks When You Are Coming Back, About to Open the Door

The Havanese is a breed that doesn’t like to be alone. He misses you a lot when you have to go outside for a few hours or even more so if you have to go to work for the entire day. When you are coming back home, he can definitely hear you. He would begin to bark, may be partially showing the exciting about you coming back, and partially complain the fact that you have left him alone for hours.

You Can Stop Your Havanese from Barking

It isn’t as difficult to make your Havanese stop barking. For some, it takes a little bit of training. For some, you just need to use the right method. Let me go through some tips that may work for you.

Give Them a “Quiet” Command

As mentioned earlier, the Havanese has the potential to be a watchdog. In a lot of cases that it barks, it is because he is trying to alert you due to a stranger or anything weird happening. So, everytime he barks, you can check if there is any danger that worth paying attention to. If none, you can simply gives him a vocal command with eye contact, letting him know that your response is “thanks for alerting and everything is okay”. Some dogs can get your command very easily without much training.

Train Them to Learn the “Quiet” Command

For the Havanese that don’t really naturally follow the “quiet command”, some training is required. One very effective way to train them with dog biscuit. The next time your Havanese bark because of a stranger, give them a “quiet” command as explained in the previous paragraph. It is okay if they don’t following your instruction at first. You just have to be patient and give them some dog biscuit as rewards when they eventually calm down. Over time, the reward system would allow your Havanese to develop the habbit and associate your “quiet” command with the action of being quiet.

In conclusion, the Havanese is a slightly below average barkers that still barks frequent enough to keep you busy. With the right training, you can definitely ask him to keep quiet.

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