Are Havanese Cute? Read This Before You Become an Owner

happy havanese are cute

For those of you who want to become a dog owner and thinking about what dog you want to get, this is probably one of the most exciting time of your life. Don’t get me wrong, the happiest time is the time you actually spend with your future dog. But in terms of excitement, that’s nothing like looking for your dream dog. That’s actually human nature that we are very excited for things that have variable rewards. If you are reading this article, there is a good chance that Havanese is one of your final choices that you have in mind. It is also very likely that you are looking for a cute dog and you heard that Havanese are cute. Now, are they really that cute? Is Havanese really for you? Let’s find out together in this blog post.

What Does “Cute” Mean?

“Cute” has two parts in it. The first part is the appearance part and the second part is the character part. I am going to talk briefly about both parts in order to help you decide whether Havanese is for you.

The Small & Lovely Havanese

Regarding appearance, I bet that most people, if not all, would say that Havanese looks really cute. The flat face and the short nose do make the Havanese look kind of dumb in a good and cute way. Their naturally slightly curly hair also make them look very cute and beautiful. And one of the most important element for looking cute is the small size that they have. Overall, the Havanese really looks like a doll. Appearance-wise, it is pretty difficult to find another dog breed that you can say it obviously cuter than the Havanese. There are a lot of equally cute dogs though like Poodle and Chihuahua.

Amazing Hair of Havanese

For those of you who like to play around with changing your dog’s hair style every once in a while and think that is the cute part about owning a dog, Havanese can really satisfy your desire. Havanese is known as a dog that can look good with all sorts of long and short hair style. And many different hair styles can make them look extra cute. You can going to have fun if you love to spend that kind of effort on improving your Havanese’s appearance.

The Unpredictability of Hair Color

Another cute part about Havanese’s look is that color of the Havanese’s hair would change color when they grow up. However, if you don’t like to have big surprises, you may simply get a Havanese that mainly has white hair. Those Havanese with mainly white hair don’t experience as dramatic a change as those that are born with hair of multiple color.

Being Energetic & Cheerful is a Form of Cuteness

Havanese is known as dogs that have above-average level of energy. Not only that, Havanese are simply cheerful dogs. Imagine after a long and busy working day, you come home and your Havanese welcome you home cheerfully. How cute is that. I bet that most people would love to have a cheerful dog and a cheerful spouse around. Since not many people are lucky enough to have cheerful spouses, having a Havanese is a more simple route to happiness for most people.

Energetic Dogs are Not for Everyone

One thing that you should know before you decide to get a Havanese is that an above-average energetic dog like the Havanese is really not for everyone. It is suggested that you have a 45-minute walk with your Havanese everyday. For people who are used to having exercise or love long walks, it is really not that difficult. For other people, things get a little tough after the initial passion fades away. I am not saying that you can’t be a good dog owner if you don’t want to spend that much time exercising with your Havanese. I am saying that you may want to choose another dog that does require as much energy. Finding someone that matches you well is important, just like when you are looking for your potential spouse.

Know The Alternatives Before You Decide

Having talked to so many dog owners, I have found that there are two different types of “cute”. One group of owners thinks the hairy and small dogs like Havanese are cute. The other group thinks that a short-haired dog with a super cute face like Shiba Inu and Japanese Akita are cute. So, if your goal is look for a cute dog, you should at least realize that there are a lot of alternatives. You don’t want to be the person who find out that he wants to own a different dog after he has already own a Havanese. If you can take care of two dogs at the same time, it isn’t a problem. Anyway, generally speaking, it is better to learn all your options before deciding.

Remember that Deciding Which Dog to Own is a Two-Step Process

Although it sounds super simple, it is also very easy for us to forget this important thing. The thing is that deciding which dog to own, like deciding for a lot of things in life, is a two-step process. The first step is learning and the second step is deciding. No, you can mix up the two or change their orders. You have to first learn and then decide. If you have already decided, all the information that you can trying to gather is very naturally things that you subconsciously find to support the conclusion that you have already made. Therefore, keep your mind open. Gather information on dogs that you want to own. Think things through clearly and then decide which dog matches you well and you want to get.

In conclusion, Havanese is a very cute dog. Not only that the appearance is cute. The cheerful and energetic character also makes it cute. Yet, it is a dog with above-average level of energy that is not suitable for everyone. It is always a good thing to know about more dog breeds and then decide which dog you want to get.

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