Are Havanese Easy to House Train?

are havanese hard to housetrain

If you ask Havanese owners if they want their Havanese to be well trained, most of them would answer that they only need their Havanese to be potty trained and all the extra tricks and skills are bonus. This is very similar to when a parent is asked is he want his child to be well educated. He would often answer that he just want his child to be good enough to make basic living and live happily. But in the back of his mind, I bet he wants his child to be good enough to be the top twenty percent successful people. That’s human nature that we all want our children to do well and much better than average. I bet that’s the same of Havanese owners. Many of them want their Havanese to be much better than an average Havanese. It’s not about greed or ego. It’s more about the love we have for them. Today, let’s talk about whether Havanese are easy to house train?

Why House Train Instead of Letting the Experts Train Your Havanese?

I often view training a Havanese, especially a Havanese puppy, as something that is very similar to taking care of a new born baby. One big part of their early training is to make them adjust to living in your home. For example, potty train is very likely the first course that you will teach your Havanese. Imagine if you can to take it to the best dog training center, even if your Havanese can poo probably in the center usually doesn’t mean that he can do the same in your home. Therefore, there are a lot of stuff that is more suitable to be trained by yourself at home.

Building Relationship with Your Havanese

The beautiful side product of house training your Havanese yourself is that you would naturally spend much more time and have more close interactions with your Havanese. Over time, these minutes and hours add up and the relation between you and your Havanese can only get closer and closer. It is often the relationship between you and your Havanese that can make you feel fulfilled. Imagine how heeling it is to have your Havanese greed you with a lot of love when you get home after a super busy or even bad work day. I bet that you are going to feel less exhausted.

What If I Don’t Have to Time to Train My Havanese?

First of all, time is a wonderful thing. As long as you are willing to squeeze it, there are always some time left for you to use. To explain it with slightly more detail, observe carefully what you are doing throughout a typical day. Have you spent too much time on social media, TV, video game or drinking. I am not sure how entertaining they are, but I am pretty they are all addictive activities. I am also not going to ask you to remove all these activities from your life, but can you do only half or 70% of what you have been doing? I bet you can find hours to spend with your Havanese if you can do that.

Havanese is a Breed that is Relatively Harder to Potty Train

In another blog post I have written about why is it hard to potty train havanese, I have written in detail the reasons. Let me quickly summarize it here for those that want short and brief answers or you can click on the above link for details. Havanese and other smaller dogs are generally harder to potty change only because of human factors. The first factor is that we tend to like to carry small dogs. When they want to go to the potty, we have a tendency to carry them and that remove the chance for them to develop the habit of walking to the potty themselves. The other factor is that we tend to let make the toilet, the bed and the eating area of small dogs very close to each other resulting in confusion. Having these human mistakes fixed can make potty training more effective and you should find that potty training a Havanese should be no more difficult than to train other breeds.

Havanese are Intelligent and They Are Relatively Easy to Train

Havanese is known as an intelligent breed. They have the potential to be trained as watchdogs. (Don’t confuse guard dogs with watchdogs. Watch dogs should alert your when a stranger pass by your house but they are not physically strong enough to protect you like a guard dog can.) As long as you know the concept behind training them, it is not that difficult to teach them simple tricks like “hand”, “stand”, “sit” or even “jump” and “roll”. If you take a look at different popular dog forums, you will see that around 80 percent of people think that Havanese are easy to train. That’s a very impressive number.

Training is All About Habit Developing

Training a Havanese is pretty much the same as training yourself scientifically. This is because a large part of human brain are very similar to an animal’s brain. In fact, you can view a human brain being an animal brain with some additional parts that allow us to have better logic. When it comes to habit developing, we can many other animals work the same. Training is simply developing a new habit and there are three main parts to it: the trigger, the task, and the reward. Once the habit is well developed, you can sometimes still have your Havanese do the task without the trigger and the reward part. For example, if you want to teach your Havanese how to sit, you can train him to do that by providing the trigger which is a voice command of “sit”. Then gently push him down to make him sit which is the task. Finally, give him a biscuit as a reward. The more the habit is developed, the less you should assist him to sit down and eventually make him sit on his own after listening to your voice command.

In conclusion, house training your Havanese is relatively easy when you compare to training other breeds. Still, being relatively easy doesn’t mean that it is really easy. You still have to use a lot of time and patience to train them. At the end of the day, the whole training process is a fun and rewarding experience that will become some very good memory for you and your Havanese.

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