Are Havanese Easy to Housebreaks?

are havanese easy to housebreak

I guess most people would want their home clean and tidy. May be some people would be tolerate a little bit of messiness that is caused by themselves. But ask them if they mind their family or roommate messing up their area, I bet most do. I guess it is safe to say that we have a tendency to enjoy seeing things being positioned properly, and we certainly don’t want to see to many surprises when we get home after a busy day of work. It is very natural for potential future Havanese owners to ask: are Havanese easy to housebreak?

What Does It Mean to Housebreak Your Havanese?

For those of you who are future first time dog owner, some of you may not even know what the term “housebreak” mean. What is means is basically to train your pet, in this case your Havanese, to live cleanly in your home and not messing up your home. It is of course very important to housebreak your Havanese. No matter how much you love your Havanese, after a tough working day, if you go home and see that your home is totally messed up with your Havanese peeing all over the places. The worst thing is that you can estimate that it would take you more than two hours to make your home back to normal, I am pretty sure that you would be challenged emotionally. It is not uncommon that you will love your Havanese less and less due to the daily extra work load. Let’s not tolerate this problem and I will talk about some tips on how to housebreak your Havanese later in this piece of writing.

Are Havanese Easy to Housebreak?

To answer the question of whether Havanese are easy to housebreak, we can only speak relatively and we have to compare them to other dog breeds. Just like when someone ask you whether this $20000 is expensive, you can’t really find an absolutely fair price for the car that allows you to compare it with its current price tag. You can only compare it to other types of car and compares to your monthly salary. Generally speaking, among all the dog breeds, Havanese are above-average easy to housebreak. The thing that make them easy to train is its above average intelligence. Its friendliness also helps a lot too. Havanese are considered to be smart enough to be trained as watchdogs, so it is no surprise that Havanese are quite easy to housebreak. Let’s not look at a few different areas in which you must make sure your Havanese is well trained.

Potty Training Your Havanese

Havanese and other small dogs are generally misunderstood in a way that people that they are hard to potty train. In fact, they are roughly the same as other intelligent dog breeds in terms of their difficulty of be potty trained. In fact, this is because of some human errors that cause that to happen. The issue is that owners of small dogs have a tendency to carry their Havanese to their potty instead of letting them walk themselves. This is going to create a bad habit for your Havanese of not remember to walk to their spot when they need to pee. If you don’t make the same mistake, Havanese isn’t really that difficult to potty train. I actually wrote some detailed tips in anther blog post on how to potty train your Havanese.

Train Your Havanese to be Friendly with Your Children & Other Pets

For those of you who have children and other pets at home, one thing you want to make sure is that your Havanese can get along well with them, meaning that he or she is not going to be become aggressive to them. Fortunately, most Havanese actually need very little training in that area. They usually are born very friendly with kids and other animals. Since it’s never something bad to be overly safe, you should spend some time observing your Havanese’s behavior towards your children and your pets before you make the conclusion of your Havanese is being very nice to them. There are always exceptions which means there are always some Havanese that just can’t along with your children and they need to be more seriously trained in this area.

The Left Over Energy is the Source of Messing Up Your Home

Given the cheerful and friendly character of Havanese, why would they still mess up your home every now and then? The short answer is that they have too much energy to use that they don’t know where to use it at. Another side of the answer is that you haven’t been responsible enough to provide your Havanese with enough exercise. If your Havanese is properly trained and without too much leftover energy, he is simply not going to mess up your home.

How Much Exercise Do Havanese Need to Avoid Excessive Leftover Energy

First of all, to determine how much exercise your Havanese needs is similar to determine how much exercise you need. Everyone is different but there are some numbers that you can use as your start points. Adjust it based on your observation. Generally speaking, you should walk your Havanese for 45 minutes a day. It may sound a little difficult to those of you who simply don’t do exercise, but you are likely going to find that manageable once walking your dog has become your habit. The side product, a good one in this case, is that you are going to make yourself in shape in addition to making your Havanese fit and happy. As I always say, it is your Havanese walking you but not the other way around. Thank your Havanese when you see your belly fat reducing.

In conclusion, Havanese are quite easy to housebreak. There are two keys in making them not mess up your home. The first one is the training you provide to your Havanese. The second part is that you have to make sure that your Havanese don’t have too much energy. To do that, you should take a long walk with your Havanese daily.

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