Are Havanese Energetic? You Need to Know Before Owning One

are havanese energetic

Havanese give people the impression of being very cheerful almost all the time. Does that mean that they have really high level of energy? Many potential Havanese owners have the common question of whether havanese are energetic. This is indeed a very good question to ask for a dog owner. Let’s explore what exactly the term “energy” means for Havanese and let’s discuss their level of energy.

Havanese Have Above Average Energy

Are Havanese energetic? The short answer is yes, they do have above average energy. Combining with their cheerful character, that indeed make them a very likely dog breed. But what exactly is energy and why does that matter? I would actually define energy as the amount of activities that a Havanese or a dog would want to have. The easiest way is to measure energy with playtime or exercise time. We could say that our dogs require one hour and a half of walking time every day.

How Do You Know How Much Exercise Time Your Havanese Needs

How do you find out the level of energy your dog has. It is actually very simple. Just measure it thru trial and error. For example, let’s say you have a new Havanese and you may want to start checking if walking 15 minutes a day is enough for him. You can do that and try to observe whether your Havanese has too much energy left over and has a high tendency to mess around in your home. If he does mess around in your home a lot, try have a 30 minutes walk. Gradually increase the amount until you see that your Havanese has a pretty obvious improvement in his behavior at home. That means that you have reach the sweet spot of giving your Havanese the amount of exercise he needs to spend enough energy.

How Much Exercise Does an Average Havanese Need?

On average, a Havanese would need around 45 minutes of walking each day. They can usually do more but it is usually the minimum amount that can make them happy and healthy. It is very important for you to know that, especially if you are at the point where you are thinking whether to own a Havanese or not. If you don’t think your current lifestyle would allow you to walk your dog for 45 minutes a day, there are two things you can do. You can either change your lifestyle or you can stop thinking about owning a Havanese.

Changing Your Lifestyle is Simple but Not Easy

I don’t care how busy your current life is. I bet you can always find ways to spend at least 45 minutes to walk your Havanese. If you have to work overtime a lot, you may want to work more efficiently to finish work early. If you do hangout after work a lot, try to cut it down to make it only a few times a week instead of doing that every single day. It does certainly sound simple but it is indeed not easy. If your lifestyle has been consistent for a few days at least, there are reasons that you stick to them. Things like hanging out with friends everyday after work is both fun and addictive. But if are serious about owning a Havanese, you better adapt a new, probably better lifestyle.

The Joy of Sharing Time with Your Havanese

Instead of hangout everyday after work or working overtime, you may want to go home after work most of the time. That may feel weird at first. It’s like when you get married, you seem to have lost a lot of freedom in your life but at the same time you enter a new stage of life that makes you a more complete and mature person. I would argue that the situation can be way better than getting married as your other half may argue with you all the time, your Havanese doesn’t. Instead you have a cheerful little dog that welcomes with home with love. Get home early is like the number one rule if you have a Havanese. When you get used to your new lifestyle, you will probably be able to realize that the farmers were right and the urban people are wrong. We human should be active when there is sunlight and should rest when there isn’t.

The Magic of Daily 45 Minute Walk

As mentioned, Havanese have above average high level of energy, but not super high level. They need roughly 45 minutes of walking everyday and that’s a great thing because I think that’s also a good amount, not too much or too little, of exercise that we need. For those of you who hate doing exercise, now you have a motivation, actually a need, to do exercise. Trust me, 45 minutes of fast walking isn’t going to make you exhausted but it can make you tired enough to relax your body and help you lose some calories. Think of the mandatory exercise time as a gift that your Havanese gives you. You need to thank your Havanese when you see yourself starting to reduce your belly fat.

Things Get Easier When They Become Habits

It is very difficult to change our lifestyle especially when that involves doing things that we normally don’t want to do like taking a long walk. (I know some of you may claim that you like to take long walks, but I bet you are not as sure when the weather is not perfect.) The good news is that things become easy when they become your habits. In order words, if you can force yourself to walk your dog everyday for three months, you will start feeling that you no longer need to force yourself to walk your dog but rather you would kind of do that automatically. Before walking your dog becomes your habit though, you will need your willpower to stick to your plan. In addition to your willpower, you may want to give yourself some rewards every time your finish walking your dog. Training yourself and your Havanese is kind of similar. Rewards play a huge part in developing habits.

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