Are Havanese Independent? Best Ways to Find Time to Spend with Them

are havanese dependent

There are two types of Havanese owners: the ones that spend lots of time with their Havanese and the ones that don’t. The latter group doesn’t necessary has be be bad owners. There are many people who love Havanese or other dogs but at the same time have a busy life. It is worth mentioning that there are some owners that simply spend too much time hangout out and clubbing and they should probably cut back on those to be more fair to their Havanese. Anyway, one very common question asked by the busy people who are thinking of become Havanese owners is: are Havanese independent? How much time do I have to spend with them. In this blog post, I will let you know how dependent Havanese are and give you some tips on how to naturally spend more time with them.

Havanese are Quite Dependent

For those of you who are busy yet thinking about becoming Havanese owners, I have bad news for you. Havanese don’t like to be alone and you can view them as quite dependent. I am not saying that you absolutely must give up your plan of owning a Havanese. I am just letting you know that you have to start being creative with how you want to spend your time. Time is a very interesting thing. You can also get a little more if you look for ways to squeeze it. Before I share some tips with you on how to get more time to spend with your Havanese, let me tell you roughly what you should do daily with your Havanese.

Target to Have 45-minute Walk with Your Havanese Daily

Here is what I consider that absolutely minimal amount of time and effort you should provide to your Havanese. Try to go home right away after work everyday. Walk your Havanese for 45 minute everyday. That’s roughly the amount of exercise they need daily or they will have too much excessive energy left over and they are going to mess up your home. Be with them the rest of the night after the walk. You may notice that having a Havanese can be a huge lifestyle change for you. Having a quieter and calmer evening is a great thing indeed. Thank your Havanese when you see yourself being healthier. Don’t try to think of it as you spending time with your Havanese. Think of it as your Havanese spending time playing with you and give you all that joy.

How to Create More Time for Those of You Who Hangout All The Time

There are two types of busy people. The ones that have a busy work life and the ones that have a busy after-work life. Let’s discuss the latter first. For those of you who have to go clubbing, go for drinks, go dine out and have all sorts of activities all the time, you will have to cut back on your activities a little bit. I am asking you to give up all of your fun stuff. May be just make it 2 to 3 days per week instead of 7 days a week. Think of it this way. If you have kids at home, are you willing to spend only an hour with them everyday and go to have drinks instead. I bet you will find playing with your kids much more fun and rewarding. That’s exactly the same thing in the case of your Havanese. Remember, you are your Havanese’s everything. Just go home early and have some fun.

What Do You Do If You Have a Busy Job

For those of you who have a busy job that requires you to consistently work overtime, you may have a problem that is bigger than you thought. In my opinion, working 8 hours a day can already produce a lot. Although we want to believe in heros and think that it’s those that work 15 hours a day that get all the food on the table, I would argue that not many people can really keep doing the 15-hour work day for months. In fact, from my experience, it’s the 15-hour work day people who will experience sudden burn out and then they will quit their job, fail their business or even become very depressed. If I am the boss, I would always choose the 8-hour person who can produce day in and day out over the 15-hour person who will soon have some weird and destructive breakdown. So, if you have to work overtime, think about whether you are working way too hard without producing additional value in the long run. There is another type of people that tend to have long work day. They are those who simply can’t focus at work and the only way that they can finish enough work is to work extra hours. That’s a huge problem that you really need to look at if you belong to this group, which is a group that is getting larger and larger. Try answer these questions. Do you check your phone every 15 minutes? Do you go to social media a lot and then “accidentally” spend a lot of time reading things that are mostly irrelevant to you? If the answer to these questions is “yes”, you have to really learn how to keep yourself focused at work. The first step is to know that checking your smartphone and social media often is toxic for you when you are working. Notice that I am not saying that smartphone and social media are bad, I am just saying that overusing them when you are supposed to be working is bad. If you understand that it is a problem, you will be able to gradually un-learn this super bad habit. If you can’t fix your problem, you are basically giving up your the time you could have spent with your Havanese fo the time you spend on your smartphone. Any logical mind can tell which one is more rewarding.

In conclusion, Havanese are not independent. They do need their owners to be with them a lot to be happy. Just work more efficiently to avoid working overtime and hangout less so that you can spend more time with your Havanese. Trust me that your Havanese is making your life more rewarding.

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