What Is The Best Brush For Havanese Dogs (In 2018)

Best Brush for Havanese
Hertzko Self Cleaning Brush

Let's have a look a the best brush for havanese dogs. Take a second and look at your dog. He's a great companion and you love him to bits, but you notice that he's in need of a good brushing. Your dog is a short hair breed and you don't want to use something too abrasive on your pooch's skin.

You look at the brush you have right now, but you know it does not do the job just right. You are in need to find the best brush for a short hair dog. 

Thankfully, you have come across a list I have compiled to give you some of the top five brushes for short hair dogs found online.

Taking care of your havanese's coat is very important and along with brushing it is always a good idea to give them regular baths in order to keep the coat nice, soft, and of course white.

Best Brush For Havanese Dogs Comparison Table

The best brush for a havanese puppy on my list is Hertzko's Self Cleaning Slicker Brush. If your short hair pup has some matting ruining their nice coat, this is a great brush to take care of that issue. Not only will Hertzco's particular brush get rid of those pesky mats, but will also be gentle on your pet. The bristles are bent so that it will not damage the fur and it will not scratch your pet's skin. You'll find that it will get to the extra hair on your doggy and will pick up trapped dirt. 

The Hertzko brush is easy to clean: just one button to retract the bristles and the hair will just sit on top making it easy to remove the excess hair, dirt, and dander. The handle has a comfortable design for you, the brusher. One complaint to the Hertzko brush is that it is not the best for small breeds, otherwise, your dog will love this brush!

Another option for short hair dogs and their owners is this brush by HappyDogz. The bristles on this brush are gentle on the fur and skin of your pooch, especially designed for dogs with sensitive skin. Do not worry, the bristles still have the strength to eliminate tangles and matted fur. The handle is comfortable, sporting an ergonomic design.

When buying this brush by HappyDogz, it will also come with a dog grooming eBook. Any complaint against this brush is that it is not self-cleaning, so getting hairs out on your own may be a bother. If you find that the HappyDogz brand is not the best brush for short hair dogs, you can return the product with a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

A comparable option to the Hertzko brush above, this product produced by K9konnection can do the job well in cleaning your canine friend. This brush will also treat for matting, a dirty coat, and removing excess fur or hair. A great bonus for those looking for the best brush for matted fur. Once you start using this brush by K9konnection, you will see fast and impressive results.

The handle to the brush is comfy to hold while combing through your pup's fur. It has a self-cleaning design, with steel pins that retract with a click of a knob above the brush handle. One disadvantage to the K9konnection brush is that the bristles look sharp, so that may frighten your pup. Otherwise, this brush would be a great option.

For a simple pin brush for your havanese puppy, try this one by Pet Trouper. This brush will do well at removing dead hair or fur, comb out knots and tangles, and brush out dirt. The Pet Trouper brush may be the best brush for a Havanese, since it is both effective at cleaning hair and lightweight so the dog will not feel too much pressure from the brush combing through his fur. 

What is particularly nice about this brush is that is is also a deshedding tool for dogs. Since all dogs shed, having a dog deshedding tool combined with a brush it makes your life a little bit easier. 

Your pooch won't get scared off by the Pet Trouper brush. It comes with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee, so if your brush does not fit you and your pup's needs, you can return for a full refund or get it replaced. One complaint I found shows that the Pet Trouper brush does not hold on to hairs that well, so you may still need to vacuum the area after you have brushed your dog.

You won't go wrong with this two-sided brush produced by GoPets. In using this brush, you will find that it will seamlessly get rid of hair and dirt off of your doggy. It will be able to get to the skin of dog and gently rid of his coat of unwanted debris. Your dog will get a gentle cleaning with either side of this brush by GoPets because the bristles are stiff nylon or with rounded tip pins, depending on which side you use.

This brush would definitely fall under the category of best brush for short hair dogs. One flaw that has been seen with the GoPets brush is that sometimes the quality of the construction does not satisfy, such as pins falling off. However, a thoughtful bonus is that the company sends a portion of the sale to animal charities, no-kill shelters, and animal rescues, so you'll feel good about giving to the animal community.


Your precious pup will get the pampering he needs with one of these special brushes just for him. Studies have proven that regularly spending time in brushing your dog will increase the bond you have with your canine companion no matter the dog breed.

Also, brushing before a bath helps the shampoo get into the coat and works out mats before they get set in by the water. It will only take a few minutes and dogs adore being brushed and shampooed. The routine of brushing also helps to stimulate your doggy's blood flow, so it is an extremely healthy practice to follow through with. And after brushing and shampoo, your dog will be ready to go with you whether it is on a walk or a trip on a plane somewhere. So, go on. Show that you love your furry friend. Don't wait to get your next brush for your short haired dog!

If you are in the market and looking for havanese puppies for sale, check out our list of havanese breeders in the US here.

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