Best Havanese Dog Names: Top 50 Ideas & Meanings for Male & Female

havanese best dog names

For those of you who are going to have a Havanese soon or for those of you who just got your Havanese, one of the happiest things and also one of the most difficult things that you have to do is to pick a name for your Havanese. It is really a lot of fun to pick a name for your dog, especially if he is just a puppy who never has a name. It is best to pick a name for your Havanese that is related to some of his features or character. It is also nice to pick a name related to his personality. If you really can come up with any name that you can associate with his character and personality, then you can still choose a pool of good Havanese names that do sound nice. Now, let me share with you some of tricks that I like to use for picking names and also share with you some really good dog names.

Choosing Name for Havanese Based on Character & Personality

It is nice and fun to pick a name for your Havanese based on what you see from him that seems to be a little different from other dogs. For example, if your Havanese like to run really fast and running all the time, you can call your Havanese “The Flash” and “Quicksilver”. By the way, these are names of Marvel and DC superheros. I love to make reference to superheros, movie characters and cartoon characters all the time. Let me give you a couple more examples for your reference. If your Havanese likes to jump around a lot, I may call him “Tigger”. For a curious Havanese, “Sherlock” would be a pretty cool name. Imagine how cool it is when you introduce your “Sherlock” to your friends. For a female Havanese that behaves very elegantly and in princess-like manners, I would give her the name of some Disney princess like Eva or Snow White if you prefer the classic. For a slightly more aggressive Havanese that is a nice watchdog, I would call him the lion king “Simba”. Anyway, you get the idea of how much fun it is to pick a name for your Havanese that represents their character well. Just try to observe them carefully and then be creative. Although it is okay to change his name later if you don’t like it, it is sometimes difficult to educate your family members to remember and appreciate a revised name. So, try to pick a good one and stick to it.

Choosing a Name that Comes with Blessing

Another way for me to pick names is to pick a name that contains some meaning and blessing. You can use a name as simple as “Happy” to express your biggest wish which is for your Havanese to be happy. Happy is not a creative name and I am sure you can do much better than I can. Some other common names that use the concept of blessing include “Lucky” and “Joy”.

What Kind of Names You Don’t Want to Pick

Let me give you a quick example of how you wouldn’t want to name your Havanese. There is no problem by calling your girl Havanese Belle as it is a nice reference to a Disney princess, but it is weird to give her a common human name that you can make no reference to like Mary and Jennifer. What I mean by weird is that these names have no special meanings. On the other hand, if Jennifer is the first name of an idol of you, then things make sense and you can definitely call her Jennifer. Remember, there is nothing you can’t really do, just make sure the name has some special meaning to you things more fun and meaningful. Some male Havanese dogs I would definitely avoid are “John”, “Tom”, and “David”.

Name Your Havanese After a Family Member

Some people may feel that it is a little awkward to name a dog after someone you love, probably a family member who has passed away. I found that quite meaningful and not that weird at all. You may want to choose the middle name of the family member you want to name after if you don’t want to make things too obvious.

Name After Your Role Model or Idol

I bet there are more and more Havanese being called Kobe right now since Kobe Bryant was one of the most popular basketball players in the past twenty years. There are a few very good role models of mine like Charlie Munger and Marcus Aurelius. Calling my Havanese Charlie, Marcus or Munger wouldn’t sound bad at all. Indeed, it allows me to more easily remind myself of who are my role models and how I should behave.

Name Your Havanese After Your Principle

I am sure that many of you have some quotes or principles to live by. One nice way to pick a name for your Havanese is to pick a keyword out of your favorite quote or principle to become the name. Let me give you some examples that are related to some of my favorite books. I love to read books that are related to Stoicism. I may want to call my Havanese “Stoic” if he has a emotionless face. Another recent quote I have come across is “discipline equals freedom”. I may want to pick the keyword “freedom” as my Havanese name to remind myself of that principle. Let me give you one more example. Ray Dalio in his book talks about the principle of “be a hyper-realist”, I may call my Havanese “Real” accordingly.

Just Pick Some Common Cute Dog Names if You Still Can’t Find a Name

If you just happen to be those that don’t care about the meaning for your Havanese’s name or you really can’t come up with anything. Here are some common names. For male Havanese, Poppy and Tuffy are some good ones. For female, Ariel and Princess are some good ones.

Hopefully, this tips above can inspire you to pick a nice name for you Havanese. Enjoy your fun process of name picking.

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