Review (Top 5): Best Small Dog Nail Clippers Including The Havanese

Best Small Dog Nail Clippers

The best small dog nail clippers are the ones that allow you to cut your dog's nails with a perfect precision, without any risk of harming your dog. Owning a quality pair of such clippers will eliminate the need of taking your dog to a professional dog groomer, which can save you quite a bit of money over time.

When looking for perfect nail clippers for your dog, always take into consideration for what dog size are they designed for. Some can be used for all sizes, but most are specialized.

In this review, we will introduce you to some great small dog clippers that don't cost too much and will cut your dog's nails as safely as possible. The other benefit of trimming their nails is for when you are picking them up or taking them out of their Pet Carrier when travelling. It will keep you from getting scratched as well as any damage to the carrier.

Best Small Dog Nail Clippers Comparison Table

Omega Pet Dog Nail Clippers

Omega Pet is based in Charlotte, North Carolina and is a part of "Halo Brand" family of various products for people and pets. They started in 2012. and have soon become a synonym for quality pet products.

They are great for small dogs as their blades are extremely sharp so very little pressure is put on your dog's nails, which makes nail clipping more comfortable. Handles have an ergonomic design and fit well in hands of any size.

Many people consider them to be the best nail clippers for Havanese dogs, as well as for any other small breed.

Epica Dog Nail Clippers

Epica's Dog Nail Clippers come with a lifetime warranty, which means you won't have to buy another pair of clippers ever again. The blades are made of high-quality stainless steel that won't get dull even after many uses. They're also resilient to rust or bending.

Their shape is semicircular, which ensures a perfect cut every single time, without a risk of cutting too much and injuring your dog. It's very easy to determine exactly where do you need to cut.Their sharpness allows you to clip your dog's nails with very little effort. No filing is needed afterward, as the cut is always perfect.​

Wagglies Dog Nail Clippers

Wagglies was founded in 25 years ago in Birmingham, UK. They specialize in producing various innovative products for dogs.

Wagglies' Dog Nail Clippers cost $14 dollars and come with a lifetime warranty. They are the only clippers in this review that come with a nail file included in the price, as well as with a guide that explains how to cut your dog's nails.

Their handles fit perfectly in any hand, while the built-in safety guard ensures that your dog is never hurt. Their design is suitable for all dog sizes, which comes in handy if you have several dogs with various sizes.

Safari 770045

These nail clippers are made by an American firm Coastal Pet Products. They were founded in 1968. and soon became a major company. They manufacture various innovative tools and accessories for dogs and cats.Safari 770045 are one of the most popular clippers on the market.

Blades are made out of stainless steel, which ensures high quality, as well as longevity, while the handles are designed to fit well in your hand and are coated with rubber to prevent any slipping. The blades are not too thick, which makes them perfect for small and medium dogs, and can work on cats as well.

Koodella Dog Nail Clippers

Koodella is a small family company dedicated to the  manufacturing of innovative and quality tools for cats and dogs.

They specialize in brushes and nail clippers. They come with a 1-year warranty. They are made out of top-notch, stainless steel that will remain sharp for a very long time.

With integrated safety guard, you are sure to cut nails without a risk of hurting your dog. The ergonomic handle is there to provide you with a perfect grip that eliminates any kind of slipping. They're not the best dog nail clippers for small dogs, but they're still a great, quality product.


Dog nail clippers are a great thing to have as they save you money and make the bond with your dog even stronger. However, if your dog nail clippers are of poor quality, cutting your dog's nails can be a stressful experience for both of you and they can even injure your dog. That's why owning a high-quality pair of clippers is very important.

In this review, we presented you some of the best small dog nail clippers on the market. All of them are made out of extremely sharp, stainless steel blades with a safeguard. Some of them even come with a lifetime warranty. Taking care of these guys can be a full time job, with clipping their nails, grooming, feeding, and loving them, but in the end it is all worth it as they are a great part of the family.

No matter what clippers you choose, always make sure that they are suited for your dog's size, and made out of quality material.  

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