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How Much Exercise Do Havanese Need? Cool Workout Ideas & Tips

For those of you who have a Havanese or who are looking for getting one, one thing that you may be interested in knowing is how much exercise your Havanese actually needs? That’s a very common question. To answer this question in a very simple way, give them a 30 to 45 minute walk everyday. […]


Havanese Pees When Excited: What to Do About It?

If you have a Havanese puppy or a young one that is three years old and younger, there is a good chance that it does pee when excited. There are two main approaches for handling that matter. One is to simply ignore it and let the Havanese gradually outgrow it. That means that you don’t […]


What is the Best Comb for Havanese: Top 10 Types of Brushes

The purpose of writing this blog post is very simple. It is to share with you what I think are the best combs and brushes for Havanese. Although there is no guarantee that what I consider are good work perfectly with your Havanese, you may still want to try them if you need a place […]


10 Best Havanese Haircut: How to Make Them Look Even More Lovely

Many people love the Havanese due to how cute they look. One thing about them that really stands out and plays a big part of making them look cute is their beautiful and usually long hair. There is no question that they already look cute without any special hairstyle. Yet, there are always special occasions […]


Havanese is the Best Breed: Top 10 Lesser Known Reasons

As some wise people like Charlie Munger, known as one of the most intelligent investors in the world, has said it, we tend to think what we have committed to as the best option. In other words, if you are the master of a Havanese, you can’t help but think that the Havanese is the […]


Why are Havanese Puppies so Expensive: Top 10 Reasons

For those of you who are wondering why Havanese puppies are so extensive, the simple answer is that dogs are generally very expensive this day. Of course I am going to expand my super short answer, but before doing that, I want to first suggest to you that it is almost always better to adopt […]


Why Havanese are the Best Dogs: Top 10 Reasons

While many people agree on that saying “dogs are man’s best friend”, I am going to spend a little time talking about why I think the Havanese should be considered best of the best. There are some many different breeds that are so much fun to live with and play with, so it is more […]

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