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Review (Top 5): What Are The Best Dog Clippers For Havanese Dogs

As cute and adorable as havanese dogs might be, there is something that people never say about them, and that is that they are low maintenance. On the contrary, due to their difficult to maintain their type of coat, havanese dogs are among the breeds that require the most grooming and the highest number of […]


Review (Top 5): Best Small Dog Nail Clippers Including The Havanese

The best small dog nail clippers are the ones that allow you to cut your dog’s nails with a perfect precision, without any risk of harming your dog. Owning a quality pair of such clippers will eliminate the need of taking your dog to a professional dog groomer, which can save you quite a bit […]


Review (Top 5): What Is The Best Brush For Short Hair Dogs

Take a second and look at your dog. He’s a great companion and you love him to bits, but you notice that he’s in need of a good brushing. Your dog is a short hair breed and you don’t want to use something too abrasive on your pooch’s skin. You look at the brush you […]


Review (Top 5): What Is The Best Dog Carrier

Pet owners usually find travelling to be quite a stressful experience, both for them and their pets. Unfortunately, there are a lot of rules and regulations that need to be followed, some of which are for your dog’s safety and others which are simply absurd. In any case, you should never dread travelling because nowadays […]


Dealing with Havanese Tear Staining

Dealing with Havanese Tear Staining If your dog is white, or has a white face, then you know the hassles of Dealing with Havanese Tear Staining. These are the red stains that often appear on the inner corners of your dog’s eyes. This can be both an eye sore as well as irritating to your […]


Hairstyles for Your Havanese Dog

Hairstyles for Your Havanese Dog You can change your dog’s look by having their fur cut into different styles or using a couple of hair manipulation techniques. If you choose to have your dog’s hair cut, find pictures of the styles you like and show them to the groomer to help him or her understand […]


Tips for Grooming Your Havanese

Tips for Grooming Your Havanese Tips for Grooming Your Havanese Keeping your Havanese dogs well groomed helps them look nice and supports their overall health and wellness. Whether you are entering your dog in competitions or just want to keep your Havanese in tip top shape, here are a few tips for grooming your dog. […]


Satin Coat Havana Silk Dogs

I’m not sure how it originated, but for years, when Havanese breeders got puppies in a litter with a spaniel looking coat, instead of a “drop coat”… the pups were called “Short Hairs.” To be honest, this name has always bothered me, as it sounds so degrading or something. Recently, a new name was suggested […]