Getting a One Year Old Havanese or a New Born Puppy

one year old havanese or new puppy

There are some potential future Havanese owners that ask whether they should buy a one-year-old Havanese or a younger, close-to-new-born Havanese puppy. There is actually a huge difference for the two difference cases. Of course, there is no right or wrong answer. At the end of the day, you should do what works better to do. This blog post’s purpose is to provide you with more information for each case and help you make a more rational and suitable decision.

What’s the Youngest Age for the Havanese When You Bring It Home

If prefer to own a very-close-to-new-born Havanese, you can bring him or her home when he reaches 7 week old. Before reaching 7 weeks old, he is way too young and immature to leave his mother. Indeed, it is the best time to bring a Havanese puppy home if you prefer to get a puppy rather than a 1-year-old Havanese, because this is the begining of their best learning period.

Havanese’s Week 7 to Week 12 is Their Best Learing Period

It is both fun and challenging to train a Havanese puppy, especially if you are a first time dog owner. Having said that, the whole experience is rewarding and I believe that any true dog lover can get thru this period successfully. From week 7 to week 12 of your Havanese, this is the period when they should learn the basic stuff. Learning to live with you and live in your house is a new thing to them. Teach him where to eat and also attempt to start your potty training. Note the potty training would likely last much longer than this time period though. The main goal is to spend more time with your Havanese during this period to learn about each other.

Good Things about Starting from Scratch

I like to refer to getting a new-born (7 week) Havanese as “starting from scratch”. Like many other things in life, “starting from scratch” can give you the pleasure that nothing else can. For example, if you have to choice to start a brand new cafe and to buy an existing cafe, starting a new cafe is almost always more exciting to think about. You want the perfect table, the perfect chair, the perfect coffee, the perfect staff and the perfect name for your brand new cafe. In the case of owning a new born Havanese puppy, you teach him everything from the point of his life where he know nothing at all. You can easily imagine how proud you will be when you see your Havanese getting well trained when he grows up a little. Not only that the you can have a bigger taste of success, you can also have the memory which I think is the most important. The best thing in life is something that money can’t buy. Sometimes, these things are not that easy to get. For example, training your Havanese to do this and that can be tiring and time consuming, given that many of you may have a busy work life. Yet, the memory is the precious thing that your Havanese gives you that nobody can ever take away.

The Bad Things about Getting a New-Born Havanese Puppy

For many of you who are first time dog owner, it can be very challenging for you to have the patience to deal with a Havanese puppy that knows nothing. I mean, you Havanese really knows nothing. He can go challenge a much bigger dog or stand in the middle of a road. He can definitely mess up your entire home just in a few short minutes. Although I still believe that all true dog lovers have the ability to complete this mission of training their Havanese, being able to complete a mission doesn’t always mean that you have to accept that challenge. The most important thing is to be honest with yourself. It is okay to think that training a puppy Havanese is too tiring. We all have different ways to live and we all have different priority. So, if you don’t want to spend too time and energy giving basic training to a Havanese puppy that knows nothing, you really may want to consider getting an older one.

Getting a One-Year-Old Havanese

Now, let’s take a look at what a one-year-old Havanese looks like. When a Havanese is one year old, he is a little boy and no longer a baby. That means he has some basic knowledge and he is smart enough to behave well. Given a little bit of time to get used to you and your home, he can very soon eat well, sleep well and he will soon not mess up your home. You do properly need to potty train him a little bit as he has to re-learn some stuff getting to a new environment.

Don’t Worry about Your One-Year-Old Havanese Not Being Attached to You

Although getting a 7 week old Havanese helps create a very strong bond between you and the Havanese, you don’t have to worry about getting your Havanese at one-year-old won’t allow you create the close bond. Havanese seems to easily get attached to his new owner even when he reaches one year old. Just spend time playing and walking with your Havanese and you two will do just fine.

The Good Thing is “What You See is What You Get”

The greatest thing about getting a Havanese when they reach one year old is that they are already mature enough that you can already know what their character is like. You can pretty much tell how cheerful and friendly they are and how well they behave. Going to the previous example about creating a new cafe vs. buying an existing cafe, the nice thing about buying an existing cafe is that you already know the expected earning and the expected work load and you can pick the cafe that suits your taste. In other words, getting a one-year-old Havanese allows you to hand pick your ideal dog.

Whether you want to buy a 7-week Havanese puppy or a one-year-old Havanese little kid, there is no right or wrong choice. It is all about which works better for you and your situation.

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