Havanese Colors: Before and After – Changing Colors as They Grow Up

havanese colors before and after

The Havanese is a very interesting breed that has hair the change colors as they grow up. In most cases, an adult Havanese would have the same colors as when they were puppies. But in some cases, the color change in their is so dramatic that it is hard to tell the puppy and the adult are actually the same Havanese. In this blog post, I want to talk about the interesting reasons that can cause that dramatic color change and also want to touch on some other related interesting facts and stories.

Why Do Havanese Change Colors?

For those of you who are curious what causes the Havanese to change colors, I will explain them in the simplest English possible. A Havanese has more than 10 genes that control their color of hair. Some of those genes control the pattern of the hair, some control the color and some of them, which is the important part for understanding how color changes in hair, are called the modifying genes and they simply control how the colors of the hair can be modified over time. How dramatic the color change is relies on both the original color of the Havanese and the strength of the modifying genes. I will explore in greater details on how each of these two factors influence the color changing process.

White and Light Colored Havanese Has the Slightest Color Change

As mentioned, the original color of the Havanese plays a key role of determining how dramatic the color change is. Generally speaking, the modifying genes usually has the least effect on light colored hair. In other words, you will see relatively less change if your Havanese puppy has light colored hair. Also, another very interesting fact is that the white hair, for white-only Havanese, stays white in most of the cases.

Partially White Havanese Puppies Will Probably Have Ticking

While a pure white Havanese is mostly likely to stay white, a partially white Havanese’s white hair will usually change. There will be some “spots” showing in the area of the original white hair and they are called ticking.

Sable Havanese Usually Has Big Color Change

A sable Havanese puppy usually has hair of much lighter colors when they become adults. That’s just how the modifying genes happen to work. Sometimes, the only dark, sable part that remains when they turn adults are the tail and part of their ears. The puppy sable Havanese usually would look completely different from his adult self.

Hair can Get Lighter and Then Get Darker Again & Vice Versa

If you think that you Havanese color is getting lighter and it will only continue that trend, that’s not correct. Remember that you have more than one modifying genes and you never know which one of the genes is responsible for the softening which one of the darkening. You also don’t know when the softening gene has a bigger strength than the darkening one and vice versa. Basically, all that hair changing thing can be viewed as an event of randomness while the current Science can partially explain the “why” without being about to actually predicting what is going to happen. It is like how Scientists can predict what the weather is going to be like the next few days and they can explain a lot of things but they can never accurately explain how the weather is going to change next month, even with today’s amazing technology.

When Does Havanese Begin to Change Color?

As explained early in the writing, the modifying genes are wildcards that are very difficult to predict when the color changing will start. But generally speaking, Havanese begins to change color just a few weeks after they are born.

When Does the Color Change Stop?

On average, the color changing would stop before your Havanese turns three. But you never know for sure, just like there are some really tall friends of mine are actually not very tall until they get another growth spurt when they are in college or when they are about to finish high school.

Unpredictability is Beautiful

While some people don’t like the change of color of their Havanese, I found the hair changing process and the unpredictability of it actually fun and wonderful. It is actually human nature to love being consistent especially when you have committed love to something. We, human, have a tendency to avoid change as that changes us to spend energy and our mind always try avoid as much energy using as possible. However, once you realize that changing and evolving is the only constant of the world, you are going to appreciate changes like the changing color of your Havanese more and more.

Best Prediction is to Look at the Havanese’s Parents

For those of you who are simply too curious that you want to know what your Havanese will likely look like, you can simply look at your Havanese’s parents and there is a good chance that he will end up looking like one of the parents.

Have a White or Black Havanese Puppies if You Still Don’t Like Change

For those of you who have are just born with mind that can’t stand inconsistency, you may simply get a white Havanese or a black one as these two types usually have no or very little color changes. But you should also be aware that your Havanese is the same Havanese no matter how his appearance change. I suppose that you are not going to get another spouse when he or she gets old and looks a little different.

In conclusion, as a Havanese puppy grows, its hair usually changes colors. It is a wonderful process that is loved by true Havanese lovers. While white Havanese and black Havanese would experience the least color change, sable ones usually have has the most drastic change. Their color change process has a unpredictable trend, meaning that the darkness and colors of the hair can go back and forth over time. It is a wonderful experience to be able to witness your lovely Havanese’s evolution.

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