Havanese Golden Retriever Mix: Do You Like Pure Breed or Hybrid?

havanese golden retriever mix

Today, I am going to talk about a very interesting and broad topic. I am going to cover the amazing breed of the Havanese Golden Retriever mix. I am also going to talk broadly about why some people like pure breed and why some people like mix.

Havanese Golden Retriever Mix is Super Rare

First of all, I have to start with telling you that you can very rarely find a Havanese Golden Retriever mix. (I would call the Havanese Golden Retriever Mix the Golden Havanese for the sake of simplicity for the rest of this blog post.) As you can see from the above picture, it simply looks beautiful. Havanese, with its long hair and cute face, looks absolutely lovely as a pure breed. By borrow the golden hair from the Golden Retriever, you can almost use the word “perfect” to describe the mix.

People Just Love Golden Retriever Mix

If you ask around, many people would love their dog to have baby with a Golden Retriever. People simply love the golden retriever. The reason is pretty straight forward actually. They like the kids of their dogs to have golden hair. We, human, for some reasons like golden hair, whether we are talking about people or dogs. Take a moment to imagine how nice and special your Havanese can look with golden hair. Although there is no guarantee that the children of a Golden Retriever and a Havanese will have golden hair, many people think it’s worth trying. The reason why you can’t guarantee the golden hair is that genes doesn’t work in an accurate way. It operates in a way that is controlled by a lot of luck or probability. It’s just like you never know whether a son will pick up the big eyes from his mom or the small eyes from his dad. And at the end, it’s the unpredictability that makes the mixing progress fun and exciting.

Other Havanese Mix Breeds

Now, let’s talk about how are the other less rare Havanese mix breeds. You got the Havanese Bichon mix and it is called Havachon. Havanese mixes Bolognese is called the Dualanese. And you have the Havanese Chihuahua mix which is referred to as Cheenese, which is a super cute and catchy name. Can you imagine a cute Havanese mix with a French Bulldog mix which is called the Frenchnese. Havanese mixes Maltese is called the Havamalt. Havanese and Poodle are two small breeds and their mix is called Poovanese. Let’s wrap up this list of example with a cute name Havapeke which is a mix of Havanese and Pekingese.

Popular Golden Retriever Mix Breeds

As mentioned a little early, many people love Golden Retriever mix breeds. A main reason is the amazingly beautiful golden hair. One very popular mix breed is Golden Doodle which is the mix of Poodle and Golden Retriever. Bernese Mountain Dog mixed with Golden Retriever creates Golden Mountain Dog. Guess what the Golden Chi is. It is a mix of Chihuahua and Golden Retriever. Sometimes, a Golden Chi has black, white and gold hair all at the same time which makes him look really beautiful and cute.

Can Every Breed Mix?

For new Havanese owners or even experienced dog owners, they own have a very interesting question in their mind. Can my dog mix with another dog breed? Or more technically correct, can all dogs cross-breed? In theory, since all dogs are the same species, they can have mix with any other breed. Therefore, in theory, you can have a very big dog mix with a very small dog. But in reality, the chance may be slimmer when it comes to a big dog having baby with a small one. Imagine that the small dog may have to climb a skyscraper to have baby with the big dog.

Why Some People Like Pure Dog Breed?

There are lots of answers to the question of why some people like pure breed so much. Some common answers are that they want to know exactly what they are getting. In other words, a Havanese is a cheerful dog breed and they want a pure Havanese because they want a high chance that their Havanese is cheerful. With a Havanese mix, say Havanese Bull Dog mix for example, you don’t know whether it can pick up the cheerful character from Havanese. Some other people love the classic and iconic look of a pure breed. I have a slightly different answer myself. It has to do with how the human brain work. Our brain has a bias that make up wants to stick to the default option. For example, there are many people that like iPhone over Android because the they like to stick to default options and iPhone has very well designed default options and looks out of the box. There are people that like customization, but the number of people that like to stick with default options is the majority.

Why Some People Like Mix Dog Breed?

When it comes to why some people like mix breed more, there are mainly three main reasons. First, they like the look of the mix breed. Imagine how cool is it for your Havanese to have golden hair. Second, some people enjoy being unique. A special mix breed can be rare and unique. It makes the owners feel special themselves when they show their dogs to their friends. Third, you don’t know what you are getting. Using the example used previously, you don’t know what you are getting when you get a Havanese Bulldog mix. While some people don’t like the uncertainly, some people actually enjoy the excitement that comes from the uncertainty.

In conclusion, a Havanese Golden Retriever mix is usually rare, beautiful and cute. Some people like pure breeds because of their classic looks and the low uncertainty while some like mix breeds to their beautiful improved appearance and due to curiosity. Looking from a scientific perspective, most dog breeds should be mix breeds. There may be only one or only a few breeds thousands of years ago.

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