Havanese is the Best Breed: Top 10 Lesser Known Reasons

havanese is the best breed

As some wise people like Charlie Munger, known as one of the most intelligent investors in the world, has said it, we tend to think what we have committed to as the best option. In other words, if you are the master of a Havanese, you can’t help but think that the Havanese is the best. Yet, I think we can still make a very strong and objective argument that it indeed is the best. I am not sure if I have that commitment-caused bias while I am writing this blog post. You can be the judge here and see if you agree with my following points.

Small but Relatively Strong

Lots of people know the Havanese is small. Yet, not many people know that they are relatively strong. I don’t mean that they are strong enough to be a guard dog but they are certainly sturdy enough that you don’t really have to worry that much when you play around with them and have some light physical contact. That’s a big plus for a cute little dog. That’s especially a huge advantage if you have children at home who aren’t old enough to control their strength while playing.

Can be Trained as Watch Dog

Havanese are very smart indeed. They are smart enough to be trained as a watch dog. In order words, you can definitely make them learn to bark when a stranger passes by. One very important point to remember though, they are sturdy but they are not really strong enough to be your guard dog. Anyway, having a small dog as your watch dog is a huge bonus. Sometimes, the barking is already enough to provide the protection you need for your home.

Able to Adapt to Different Living Environment

Most big dogs require us to live in a big house in order to keep them happy. The Havanese, being a small dog, doesn’t require that which makes living with them much more practical in a world where the rents are so high. They can do just fine living in a small apartment. Though, make sure you do go outside to exercise with them and don’t let them just staying in s small place all the time. We, human, have the need to go outside, so do the Havanese.

A Perfect Breed to Keep the Owner Healthy

How does a Havanese make its master healthy? Generally specking, the Havanese is an active dog that has above-average energy level. To put that into numbers, it is best to have a 30 minute walk with them every single day. Having a 30-minute walk daily is a great thing for your health. Notice that I am asking too much by asking you to running an hour a day. Walking is considered by many the best type of exercise, along with swimming. Running is good yet it can hurt your knees, especially if you don’t do it properly.

National Dog of Cuba: A Breed with Story

The Havanese is the national dog of Cuba. That adds a little bit of narrative to this cool breed. Although stories don’t make something different in a physical sense, we human love stories. Loving the story often make us love the breed more as our brain love to do association between a person, a dog in this case, and a type of emotion.

Super Cheerful Personality

The Havanese is a very happy dog. Don’t we love our other half to welcome us home in a cheerful way all the time. In reality, that’s too much to ask from your spouse especially if you are married for a long time. That’s sad but I guess many of you would agree with me. On the other hand, your Havanese is very often cheerful and I think that gives you a little bit of extra energy to get you through a tough work day.

Not Aggressive

A little earlier, I have mentioned that the Havanese is a relatively strong dog. At the same time, they are not aggressive. They don’t really attack people. Having a small dog that is intelligent enough to be a watch dog while not having to worry them attacking people seems like the perfect combination.

Get Along with Kids Well

Expanding on the previous point, the friendly nature of the Havanese is a big plus for those of you who have kids in your home. They generally love to play with kids. I am sure that most kids would love to play with cute dogs like the Havanese too. It’s quite magical to see your Havanese and your kids getting along, playing together and growing up together. It is almost too good to be true. Note that though it is always good to be on the safe side. Not every Havanese behave the same. So, observe the interactions between your children and your Havanese before you really like them play together without your close presence.

Get Along Well with Other Pets

For those of you who owns and loves other pets, the good news to you is that the Havanese would likely get along very well with your other pets. Again, you will need to do some close observing to see if your dog belongs to this general category. It’s always better to be too safe than to be too willing to take risks.

Cute with Beautiful Hair

Okay, I know the topic of this blog post is the lesser known things about the Havanese, but I can’t help but include my opinion that the Havanese looks really cute and it has one of the best hair among all the dog breeds. I really like the way how the Havanese looks so innocent and lovely. They are so as cute when they are grown up as when they are puppies. Having these cute Havanese running around in your home and getting the chance to do some light exercise with them everyday is like a blessing.

I know that the Havanese may not be the clear cut number one best breed but it is certainly one of the best breeds.

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