Havanese or Maltese: Which One Should You Choose?

havanese or maltese how to choose

There are many people that love to compare Havanese with Maltese. There are certainly relationship between these two breeds. First of all, they both belong to the Bichon family. In other words, you can see them as distant cousins. And because of that, they actually do share a lot of similarities. There’s why it is not uncommon to hear people asking which one is better, especially from those that are eager to become small dog owners. Although there is no such thing as “better”, there may be clues that help you decide which one is more suitable to your situation. Let’s explore the interesting topic of Havanese vs Maltese now.

Havanese is Slightly Bigger Than Maltese

For those of you who are thinking about whether to own a Havanese or a Maltese, I am pretty sure that the small size of them is a big part of what makes them attractive to you. If you are wondering which one is smaller, the answer is that both have almost the same height but Havanese is heavier and looks bigger. They both have the height of roughly 8 to 11 inch. But Havanese usually weight 7 to 13 pounds while Maltese weight 4 to 9 pounds. That’s the reason why Havanese look a little bigger. Practically, they require roughly the same amount of space.

Both are Hypo­allergenic

Both Havanese and Maltese are considered as hypoallergenic. In other words, they both belong to the group of breeds that has a lower chance to cause you allergy attack. As I have mentioned in my blog post about hypoallergenic, having a hypoallergenic is usually a big plus especially for those of you who have allergy issues easily. Be careful that being hypoallergenic only means a lower chance to cause you allergy but the chance is definitely not zero.

Do Havanese or Maltese Bark More?

Generally speaking, Havanese do bark more than Maltese. Don’t confuse barking with friendliness though. I will compare their friendliness a little later. Anyway, Havanese usually barks when strangers pass by your home. That is probably due to their instinct because they have really good watchdog potential. On the other hand, although Maltese generally bark less, they actually also have good watch potential too.

Which of Them are More Intelligent?

Havanese and Maltese are roughly as smart as each other. They are both considered easy to train. They are both intelligent enough to be trained as good watchdogs. You should be able to train them with relative easy to perform basic tricks like “hand”, “sit”, “stand” or even “jump” as long as you understand the concept of training them with triggers and rewards. A simple example is to use a voice command like “sit” as a trigger, then assist them to sit down and finally give them a biscuit as a reward. One thing to note that when potty train them, it is not a good habit to carry them to their potty. Instead, you should let them walk themselves with a little bit of guidance from your hands. Since small dogs like Havanese and Maltese are so light weight, this is a very common mistakes that owners make.

Havanese are Better with Kids than Maltese

One of the greatest things about Havanese is that they are usually very children-friendly. In other words, they usually do get along with children very well and that is a big plus for owners who have kids. It is worth noting that every Havanese is different so you have to observe carefully whether your Havanese actually can get along well with your kids. Generally speaking, for those of you who have kids and are deciding between Havanese and Maltese, Havanese can be a more suitable choice just by this reason alone.

Havanese are Also Better with Other Pets

Havanese just have good temperament relatively to a lot of different breeds. That’s one of many good reasons why some many people love them. They do get along with other pets like cats pretty well in general. Maltese are not as friendly with other pets in comparison. Therefore, for those of you who already have cats or other pets in your home, owning a Havanese is probably a better idea than owing a Maltese.

Havanese are More Friendly to Strangers/h2>
Although Havanese do bark more in generally and they do it when they pass by strangers, you can feel that they are doing that for alerting you and they have no intent to run toward the strangers. On the other hand, Maltese is less friendly to strangers. He may run toward strangers when you walk with him.

Havanese Need More Exercise than Maltese

A difference between the Havanese and the Maltese that has a lot to do with your lifestyle is the amount of exercise they need. Havanese generally needs more exercise than Maltese. Ideally, you would want to have an at-least 30-minute walk with either your Havanese or Maltese. But with a Havanese, it may be more ideal to have a 45-minute walk with them daily if that fits your schedule. Also, I would suggest you to have a 2-hour hiking with your Havanese once every week. Of course, every dog is different so the best way to find out whether you have given your Havanese or Maltese too little energy is to see if their energy has built up too much. For example, if you see them bark a lot at home or mess up your home a lot, it is very likely that your dog needs more exercise or playing time.

In conclusion, both Havanese and Maltese are small and cute dogs that have similar height while Havanese are generally slightly heavier and bigger than Maltese. Both of them are considered hypo­allergenic. They are also both considered quite smart that they can be trained as watchdogs. In terms of temperament, Havanese are generally better. They are more children-friendly and more other-pets-friendly. Finally, if you like to exercise less, a Maltese’s slightly lower need for exercise may be desirable. At the same time, many others like how Havanese needs slight more exercise which make the them the owners exercise more too.

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