Havanese Puppies

Havanese Puppies

Once you have found the ideal Havanese breeder, it’s time to start selecting the right Havanese Puppy. There are plenty of different angles you can take here, and some of it will depend on the type of dog you want the Havanese puppy to be. They offer several different traits that are fun, caring, and entertaining, but without the proper research you could end up with one that isn’t nearly like the rest.

Today we’ve put together several different ways you can select the right Havanese puppy. While some of them might not be for you, we want to list as many as possible. This way you can choose the Havanese puppy that is perfect for your home.

The Visual Aid

chocolate havanese puppy

We all want to see how cute and adorable our new puppy is going to be. Heading to your local Havanese breeder gives you an opportunity to see the puppies first hand. Sometimes when they are grouped together, it’s possible for some of them to be sick. You definitely don’t want to bring the sick ones home.

Another benefit of seeing the Havanese puppies first hand is getting a glimpse of their demeanor. Depending on how old they are, some of these puppies can already have a little bounce in their step. If you’re looking for the most playful Havanese puppy of the bunch, the visual aid approach is a helpful research choice.

Also, getting a visual aid can give you a chance to see the environment the puppies are currently enjoying. Sometimes everything sounds good on paper, but when you see the real thing it can be disappointing. The puppies should have a loving and safe environment, especially when it comes to cleanliness. Keep this in mind before purchasing a new Havanese puppy from the local breeder.

The Interaction

Everyone has a different approach when it comes to interaction. Some families are looking for a Havanese puppy that is calm collective, and just loves to lie next to the owner. Others are looking for one that is up and around all the time. Then there are those that want the perfect toy dog. Well, a Havanese puppy can offer all these things, but you can’t really tell which one does what without a little interaction.

You can find out more about the Havanese puppies by utilizing a host of personality tests. While these are not 100% guaranteed, they do give you a better look at how the puppy will react as he or she gets older. We think it’s important to try some of these tests whenever you’re searching for that new puppy.

In order for this to take place, you need to understand the different temperaments attached to the Havanese puppy, and then figure out the differences between each one. We’ve put together a short list of attitudes you can find in individual Havanese puppies:

* Dominant and Rebellious – This breed really doesn’t have a dominant or rebellious side, but in the wrong environment it can get that way. Unfortunately, you probably won’t see any of these traits while visiting the local breeder.

* The Independent and Self-Assured Puppy – When it comes to Havanese puppies, they will want their own space from time to time. Just like humans, these pets seem to enjoy a little alone time to relax and collect their thoughts (we think!).

These are the types of dogs that should grow up in an adult family as opposed to one with kids. However, Havanese dogs tend to latch onto their owners quite easily. Chances are you will be fine, even if they do need some time to themselves.

The Tests

Long Hair Havanese Dog

Okay, now it’s time for those personality tests we discussed earlier.

* Does the puppy follow you? – Take a few moments and interact with the puppy. It only has to be for 30 seconds to a minute. When you’re done, walk into another room or away from the Havanese puppy. If he or she follows you, it’s a very good sign most of the time. They might chew at your feet or just wag their tail, but those both mean there is a connection.

* The Dominance Factor – Most puppies don’t understand they are not the dominant figure in the beginning. One way to find this out is by stroking him or her. Start with their head and see if they move away. If they don’t, it’s not necessarily bad, but they don’t trust you yet. Then again; if he/she licks your hand or turns on its belly, they love the attention.

* Picking the Havanese Puppy off the floor – Another way to find out the puppy’s personality trait is by picking them up off the floor. Now, if the puppy doesn’t trust you they will growl, bite, or just be aggressive. The perfect Havanese puppy for your home will turn around calmly and lick your hands.

Your Involvement

Just by using these three simple tests, you can figure out the current personality of the Havanese puppy. Now, just because they are acting one way doesn’t mean they will be like that forever. In most cases, the way you raise the puppy will have a major affect on their personality. For instance, the dominant dog owner will make the Havanese puppy more fearful than entertaining. Every time you’re in the room and provide a hard stare or raise your voice, the puppy will cower.

Then again; if you allow them to do whatever they want, your puppy will end up chewing on everything in the house. A great example of this is if you let them run in the backyard to relieve themselves. The first time you put them on a leash, they won’t like the lack of control. It’s something they will get used to, but there will be a struggle in the beginning.

What it comes down to is you have to do the research if you want to choose the right Havanese puppy. Take the time to consider the tips we’ve given you here today. One of them could help you come up with the right choice for your next Havanese puppy.

Challenges of Owning a Havanese

Havanese Puppy Sitting in Grass

Fur Debris: Although Havanese dogs are little, they are pretty active dogs and often pick up twigs, leaves, and other debris in their fur from their activities. Here we hope to help you with the challenges of Owning a Havanese. Brushing your dog daily can keep him or her neat and clean. The best type of brush to use is a pin brush, which will eliminate debris and tangles. They come in different sizes so you can have a large one for home and a small one to carry around with you.

Matting: Havanese dog hair is notorious for matting, which is another reason you should brush your dog’s fur on a daily basis. Some dogs mat so bad that it seems like the hair has been glued together. The most common areas these dogs get mats are behind the ears and on the neck, feet, and legs. To get rid of mats, brush your dog every day. If the matting is bad, use your fingers to separate the hair to the skin before employing a pin brush. Work in small sections to reduce the chances of pulling hair out.

The mats generally come out pretty easily, but it still may take several days to detangle your dog’s fur. You can work on it whenever you have a few extra minutes such as while watching television or talking on the phone. To prevent mats, dry your dog as soon as possible whenever he or she gets wet.

Chewing: This is a common behavioral problem that occurs for different reasons. A dog may chew out of boredom, to alleviate anxiety, or to get attention. While you are trying to figure out what is driving the behavior, there are a few products you can use to discourage chewing. Bitter Apple is a spray that can be used on furniture, shoes, and wires that make the item taste bad and discourage chewing. Another option which seems to work well are Kong Toys (shown on the right). Ask your vet or other dog owners to recommend effective products.

Pee or Poop Accidents: Dogs are not perfect and even well-trained dogs have accidents. To take care of the accident, use an enzyme cleanser like Nature’s Miracle to remove the spot and eliminate the scent. This will prevent your dog from returning to the spot and repeating the offense.

Havanese Hobbies and Habbits

Havanese Puppy Playing

A favorite game they like to play is to run around really fast. They prefer to run with other Havaneses, but they are not picky and will dash around with other dogs, kids, or even by themselves. So if you see your little dog speeding by at 100 mph, don’t worry. That’s normal.

Havanese love to shred paper products like toilet paper, napkins, office paper, and tissues. You can’t leave any of these things lying around or you risk having your home look like a tornado ran through it. Keep tissues and toilet paper out of reach and make sure wastebaskets are emptied on a regular basis.Another thing Havaneses like to do is collect stuff. Leaves are their favorite collector’s item, but they will horde sticks, toys, shoes, and other objects.

Sometimes they will present these things to you as gifts, meaning you will find them in your bed, chair, or bathroom. Most times, though, they will stockpile them in their personal spaces like their beds or crates. If you try to discourage the habit, they will simply hide their treasures around the house.

You must keep a close eye on your Havanese because they are consummate escape artists. They are very smart and observe everything that is happening around them. Havaneses have been known to escape from zipped bags, to unlatch doors and gates, and even jump over fences in their quest to leave the home. Usually they do this to find their owners, but may conduct a “prison” break to find friends to play with. You must be careful if you leave your dog for a long period of time because they will attempt a breakout in order to track you down. This can be very unsettling for house or dog sitters.

Havaneses are, pardon the pun, party animals. They love to dress up and hang out with other dogs, especially dogs of the same breed. These dogs are fairly laid back, get along with other canines, and seek only to have fun. If you are looking for a dog that is happy to be your companion and part of the family, then consider adding a Havanese to your household.