Havanese Questions: Top 15 Common Things That You May Be Wondering

havanese common questions

Today, I am just going to write a fun and simple blog post that covers some of the best common questioned related to Havanese. It is going to be very quick and fun read whether you are a new Havanese owner, an experienced one or someone who is thinking about whether to own a Havanese or not. Let’s dive into the cool questions right now.

What is Unique about Havanese?

If I have to point out one unique characteristic of Havanese that makes them stand out from the rest of all the dog breeds, I would actually say that it is their super cheerful character. Although their cute look is no doubt very attractive, the way that Havanese seem to be cheerful almost all the time makes them so nice to have around. Having a cheerful dog that doesn’t take a lot of space and have above average intelligence seems like a pretty good combination to me.

Are Havanese Good for People Who Have 9 to 5 Jobs?

Although we live in a world that becoming entrepreneurs have become more and more trendy and popular, the majority of us are still employees that have to work a 9 to 5 job. Is it a fair question to ask whether having a Havanese makes sense for an average employee. Let’s tackle this question from both the Havanese’s side and the owner’s side. For the Havanese’s point of view, it is a dog breed that has above average level of energy but not crazily high level. Although spending more time with your Havanese is almost always better, you should do find if you come home after work. A good rule is to walk your Havanese at least 30 minutes a day. If you enjoy going out after work, you should no longer do it everyday. Something like 2 days a week is more reasonable. You can actually join other dog owners and walk together as part of your social life. From the owner’s point of view, having a Havanese which is cheerful all the time can simply make your life better and happier. Besides, your responsibility of walking your Havanese for 30 plus minutes a day is not really a duty. It is a gift from your Havanese. Thank your Havanese when you see your belly fat reducing.

What is the Best Food for Havanese?

I am a big supporter for home-cook food when it comes to feeding dogs. There is no doubt that technology and the competition of the dog food industry has made the commercial dog food better and better. Yet, I would still advice you to prepare home-cook food for your Havanese. Among all sorts of foods, I would suggest you to prepare boiled chicken leg with skin for your Havanese. The preparation process is simple. Just boil it for 10-15 minutes and let it cool down for a few minutes and you are done. Some people prepare boneless chicken breast because it’s healthier. I personally think that chicken leg has the right balance between being healthy and being delicious.

When I Say “Come”, Why Doesn’t My Havanese Come?

Okay, that may sound like a silly question but it is not an uncommon one indeed. And when it comes to Havanese, there is no silly questions. There are just fun questions. There are two reasons for that. The first reason is a pretty obvious one. Your Havanese needs to be trained to know what to do when hearing the voice command “come”. Training doesn’t mean that you have to take your Havanese to a dog school or anything like that. “Come” should be an easy enough trick for the generally intelligent Havanese that he can learn it by you teach him yourself. A good training process involves giving your dog a trigger, in this case the voice command of “come”, a routine or the thing to do which is to come in this case and a reward which can be a dog biscuit. After consistently making use of this three-part training process for weeks, you should see your Havanese being able to follow your “come” command. The second reason of your dog not coming to you, assuming that you is already capable of following your command, is that whatever your Havanese is doing is more interesting than coming to you. Don’t be sad about that if that’s the case. It is really what we, human, and dogs are both born with. We are both creatures that are largely driven by curiosity.

Are Havanese for Me if I Have Children

Havanese are good with kids. They usually get along very well. It is worth it to note that every Havanese is different, so you have to observe carefully when you first introduce your Havanese to your children. In most cases, thanks to the super cheerful character of Havanese and the cute face they have, kids love Havanese and vice versa.

If I am Planning to Two Havanese, Should I Get Both at Once?

It is not uncommon for people to decide to own two Havanese. Some of these owners are even first time owners. I guess it’s human nature. Just like many people who wish to have twin babies think it is both more exciting and efficient. However, in reality, it is almost always better to have one at time. It is both good for your Havanese and you as the owner. Think about it, isn’t it more fair for your Havanese to have your focused and special care when he needs to adapt to your home for the first time? And for you, it is actually too exhausting to take care of two new comers unless you really don’t have to go to work.

It is just fun to explore these common questions about Havanese. They are just so lovely and cheerful that it’s difficult not to love them. Yet, if you are not yet a Havanese owner, you really shouldn’t just think about the good things about Havanese such as the super cute look and the cheerful character and not think practically about whether you can be a good and responsible owner.

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