Havanese Vs Maltipoo: Which One is the Better Choice for You?

maltipoo vs havanese which is better

Choose what dog to own is one of the most exciting time in your life. I am absolutely not saying the part of your life when you actually live with your dog is not exciting, I would describe that as easily one of the happiest time in your life. But in terms of excitement, the choosing, picking and planning part is no doubt exciting. That’s just human nature. We love the part where we are in the stage of planning, where we are between our imagination and the actual reality. Today, I am going to specifically compare between Havanese and Maltipoo. Why these two? Because a lot of people are trying to choose between these two cute dogs.

Both Maltipoo and Havanese are Small and Cute

The biggest reasons why Havanese and Maltipoo are often directly compared because they have somewhat similar appearance. I am saying that they are so similar that you can’t hardly tell which one is which, but they are similar in a way that both are small and cute dogs. Maltipoo look more like dolls while Havanese look more like the types of dogs that you do see in cartoons. Both have their own type of cuteness and both have a lot of fans. You can hardly go wrong to pick either one if all you care is about cuteness. Having said that, it is not a good idea to pick a dog solely based on his or her appearance. Think about it this way, you are going to spend your next 14 years with your dog. You should have a choose husband or wife mentality instead of a choosing boyfriend or girlfriend mentality.

The Biggest Difference Between Maltipoo and Havanese is the Difficulty of Maintenance

As just mentioned, you don’t want to choose which dog to own based solely on appearance. One very important thing that you must look at is the level of difficulty of maintenance for the dog. Let’s start with Havanese here. Havanese is known as dogs that require very low maintenance. That means you don’t have to do that much to take care of them in term of feeding, grooming and they don’t need to be taken to the vet very often. On the other hand, Maltipoo is the type of dog that requires high maintenance.

Both Havanese and Maltipoo is Easy to Train

Both Havanese and Maltipoo are considered as quite intelligent. They are both pretty easy to train. Some people may even think that Maltipoo is slightly smarter and easier to train. Having said that, both dogs are intelligent enough that most owners should have no problem training either.

Both are Very Cheerful

For most dog owners or potential dog owners, having their dogs being very cheerful is a very important thing, something that non-dog-owners can hardly understand. For many dog owners, they both love dogs and enjoy having a dog to live with. What can give you a better feeling than having a cheerful dog welcoming you home when you get home from a tough and busy work day. That’s really nothing quite like it. If you are trying pick a future dog between Havanese and Maltipoo, the good news is that both are very cheerful dogs.

Havanese are Stronger than Maltipoo

Havanese, although as small as Maltipoo, are dogs that are considered relatively strong among dogs of similar size. You really don’t have to worry much about them when you take your Havanese for outdoor activities like hiking and joggings. On the other hand, Maltipoo are weaker and it is advised to let them stay indoor for the most part.

Both of Them are Good Watchdogs

Havanese and Maltipoo can both be trained as good watchdogs. What that means is that they are intelligent to bark and let you know when a stranger pass by your home. But don’t confuse watchdogs with guard dogs. Neither is strong enough to be a guard dog.

Both Havanese and Maltipoo are Children-Friendly

Even if you don’t have kids right now, there is a good chance that you will have kids within the time period of the next 14 years that you are going to spend with your future dog. Having a dog that is naturally friendly to children without too much training is always a big plus. Both Havanese and Maltipoo excel in this. They are both very naturally kids-friendly. Although that’s usually the case, it is always better to be on the safe side. You should spend some effort observing the interaction between your children and your dog and confirm whether your dog is children friendly or not. There are always some exceptions.

Havanese Don’t Like being Alone

Relative to Maltipoo, Havanese are considered as the dog that hates being alone more. You can definitely still go to work if you own a Havanese, but you better go home when you finish work almost everyday. That’s no rule that says that you have to spend a lot of effort to make your dog happy, but what’s the point of getting a dog that wants you to spend time with him or her yet you know you can’t make it.

Havanese has Higher Level of Energy

Havanese is a dog that has an above-average level of energy. It is advised to spend around 45 minutes walking with your Havanese. Yes, I am talking about doing that everyday, for the next 14 years. I know that doesn’t sound scary to a lot of dog owners, especially to those that like having exercise. However, if you are slightly hesitant about whether you can do that, even before you actually live with your Havanese, there is a good sign that you can’t make such commitment. It’s okay. Everyone is different. You can either decide to adopt the habit of exercising daily or you can simply choose another dog. Regardless of your choice, don’t give up in the middle of the journey. I know a lot of people that actually thinks that having a Havanese that kind of forces them to exercise is a blessing in disguise.

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