Havanese: What Kind of Dogs are They?

havanese what kind of dogs are they

Many dog owners are very familiar with the dog breed of their own dogs while they don’t really know much about another dog breed. To use a simple analogy, it is kind of like a parent that only has one child that is a boy. The parent wouldn’t really know much about how to raise a girl. There is a lot of overlapping between raising a boy and a girl but there is a lot of differences too. It always make people curious of knowing what the world in the other side looks like. Today, I am going to talk to you about what the Havanese looks like. Knowing a little bit about each dog breed is fun for dog owners and let’s start with the cute and little dog breed – Havanese.

If I Can Only Use One Word to Describe Havanese, It Would Be…

Let’s play the game of using one single word to describe the Havanese. The word would be “cheerful”. Yes, I can’t really think of any dog breed that is more cheerful than the Havanese. It is just amazing to have your dog almost always looking happy around you. That makes you happy too. Happiness is really a virus. It can be passed from your Havanese to you and you can further pass it to your family, your friends and your coworkers. Imagine that your Havanese is welcoming you home cheerfully after you having a super tough work day. Isn’t that the biggest reward that you can possibly have?

Havanese are Friendly to Kids

The second thing that pops up among all Havanese’s characteristics is that they are generally very friendly to kids. In other words, they are not an aggressive dog breed at all. Of course there are always exceptions, so you should still pay attention and observe your Havanese’s behavior towards your kids when you first get your Havanese home. Unless your Havanese belongs to the rare groups that don’t get along well with your kids, having both kids and your Havanese in your home at the same time simply is a beautiful scenery. When you see your Havanese love your kids and your kids love them back, you almost feel like it’s unreal.

Havanese are Smart

Havanese are considered above average smart among all the dog breeds. Don’t be fool by their innocent and cute look, they are intelligent enough to be trained as watchdogs. That actually says a lot about their intelligence. You can be a good watchdog if you are not smart enough to analyze the situation and to differentiate a stranger from a family member or a close friend. Don’t confuse watchdogs with guard dogs though. They can’t be guard dogs which are supposed to be able to protect your home because of the lack of size and strength. They are also smart enough to learn some basic tricks quite easily. If you have a Havanese already, try teach them the basic “sit”, “stand” and “hand” tricks. As long as you know how to use rewards effectively, it isn’t that difficult to teach them all these tricks.

The Little Dogs that Don’t Like to Be Alone

Havanese don’t like to be alone. They simply like to have you around. Don’t worry about it that much though. There are a lot of Havanese owners in the world and I bet that 90% of them have a 9 to 5 jobs, thanks to the world of capitalism that we can’t really stay home and be farmers anymore in most cases. Havanese can be trained to behave okay when it is left alone but don’t be surprised when he pees everywhere every now and then. They just have high tendency of separation anxiety but it only takes some time and effort to make them get used to the environment more. I have written about tips on how to reduce your Havanese’s separation anxiety and you may want to take a look at that blog post if you are about to own a Havanese or your Havanese has this kind of problem.

Havanese Needs the Right Amount of Exercise

What I mean by “Havanese needs the right amount of exercise” is that the amount of exercise it requires is the amount that an adult man or woman should have, so it’s perfect to have your Havanese keep you fit. Here is rough amount of exercise that your Havanese should have. Give your Havanese a 45-minute walk everyday. Every week, or every month if you really can’t do every week, have a 2-hour hiking session with your Havanese. The above suggestion shouldn’t make you feel too tired or make you sweat like crazy, but it is enough to keep you fit or it may even help you to reduce a little bit of belly fat too if you don’t increase your eating with your increased amount of exercise. Go thank your Havanese when you see yourself without the belly fat the first time in decades.

Havanese Do Get Along Well with Other Pets

For those of you who have cats or other pets already in your home and you are thinking about getting a Havanese, the good news is that Havanese generally are friendly with other pets. That has a lot to do with their friendly nature. Again, don’t take that for granted as there are always exceptions. Observe carefully when your Havanese first get home.

The Cute Little Swimmers

Havanese are considered as very good natural swimmers. That doesn’t mean that you can just put your Havanese in a lake and he can immediately swim. That means that you can expect your Havanese to be about to swim with very little training. To learn how to actually train your Havanese to swim, you may want to check out my other blog post on how to teach your Havanese swim.

I love knowing more about different dog breeds. Not only that this is interesting, it can sometimes inspire you to try different things to make your dog happier, such as provide them with different toys and different foods. That’s what makes talking to different dog owners in dog parks so interesting and delightful.

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