Havanese’s Quirks: Some Interesting Things You May Want to Know

best funny havanese quirks

Today, I am going to talk about a very interesting and playful topic. I am going to let you know some of the quirks of Havanese. They are simply some interesting things that Havanese do a lot. It is believed that the behavior of a specific specie, whether it is Havanese or human, is largely affected by genes. But it is a little different when it comes to quirks.
I believe that the quirks are partly from genes and partly from randomness, the environment and the character of the Havanese. Now, let’s get right into the list of Havanese’s quirks that I have put together for you.

You Got to be Pretty Smart to Have Quirks

Before sharing some quirks that are found from Havanese, I just want to take my chance to praise the intelligence of Havanese. To have some weird or interesting behaviors, you usually have to be pretty smart. For example, for someone to not eat a specific type of food, he or she has to be able to recognize the food. You will realize how smart the Havanese are when you learn more about their following quirks.

Havanese Avoid Walking On Path Made of Some Specific Material

There are many owners that find out that their Havanese don’t like to walk on certain things with certain texture. Although different Havanese seem to have different preference on things that they like to walk on, they got to be pretty smart to be able to recognize the texture that they dislike. I can imagine that it must be very funny when you see your Havanese avoid walking on certain material.

Many Havanese Love Tummy Rub

May be it is because of the fact that Havanese like to be around someone instead of being alone, they seem to enjoy tummy rub, which is a form of cheerful connection between them and their owners. You will simply find it funny when your Havanese have their belly point to the ceiling and beg for tummy rub.

Havanese Does Run and Hide When You Do a Certain Thing

It is funny that some Havanese seem to treat some of the owner’s actions a signal that asks them to run and hide. I have heard of some Havanese that go run and hide every time his owner opens the refrigerator. I think it must be a hide-and-seek game that is going on between the Havanese and the owner.

Some Love to Play with Garbage Can & Garbage Bag

There must be something special about the garbage can, I have seen first hand that babies and Havanese both love to play with the garbage cans. Some like to make the can fall and roll it around. Some like to look into it, see what’s inside and mess things up. Some like to take out the garbage bag and throw it around. Although your garbage bin may serve more like a recycle bin and don’t have any real garbage in it, it is better to train them not to play around with the garbage can as you don’t want him to develop such bad habit.

Some Havanese Seem to Have Built-in Fear with Vacuum Cleaner & Hair Dryer

Some Havanese would run around anxiously and bark when you turn on your vacuum cleaner or hair dryer. May be it is the high volume of may be it is the weirdness of the noise, it simply drives them nuts. It is not that big of a deal, you can simply ignore their barking and let them get used to it. Some may choose to put them in a room and close the door temporarily when they use the hair dryer or the vacuum cleaner. For some Havanese, the noise of the washing machine also seems to bother them.

Some of Them Can’t Stand You Working at Home

Some Havanese are like many human babies, they don’t like their mom and dad work at home. If you are a dad or a mom, you may know what I am talking about. For some babies, they don’t mind if you let them play by themselves while you are watching TV, but they do hate it when you actually do some serious work in front of your computer. Some Havanese have the exact same behavior. It is so funny and hard to believe that they seem to able to smell when you are going actual work and when you are just relaxing. When this kind of Havanese sees you work in front of a computer, he would simply bark and whine besides your legs. There is very little thing that you can do besides stopping what you are doing and start playing with him. The only good solution to this funny problem is to finish your work efficiently at the office and come home on time without any work left over. That’s both good for you and your Havanese.

It is Fun to Observe Your Havanese’s Quirks

As I have mentioned earlier in this blog post, quirks of your Havanese are partly due to genes and partly due to their character and their environment. Therefore, it is very likely that every Havanese would have his own quirks and it is fun to learn about them. The more you know about their quirks, the closer the relationship between you and your Havanese gets. That’s just that an cold couple knowing each other’s quirks inside out.

Some Quirks are Funny While Some Can be Harmful

While many quirks of your Havanese are simply funny little things that they do, there are some quirks that have potential danger and that you should help them get rid of them. For example, if your Havanese has quirks that he likes to play in the kitchen, you have to help fix this quirk. There are just so many knives and forks or even cooking devices that can hurt your Havanese. When there are bad habits that you want your Havanese to get rid of, it is almost always easier to get rid of them sooner than later.

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