How Much Exercise Do Havanese Need? Cool Workout Ideas & Tips

how much exercise havanese need

For those of you who have a Havanese or who are looking for getting one, one thing that you may be interested in knowing is how much exercise your Havanese actually needs? That’s a very common question. To answer this question in a very simple way, give them a 30 to 45 minute walk everyday. That simple answer comes from practical point of view that most owners do not exercise regularly. I can say that with confidence because that’s not a secret while you can see the majority of people on the street pretty out of shape. That’s the sad thing about today’s eating fast food, watching TV and playing video game culture. It may already be to must to ask to have you do a 30 minute walk. So for those of you who don’t do a lot of exercise, stick to the 30 to 45 minute walk and it will be good for both you and your Havanese. For those of you who are flexible and willing to make some effort to change, I have the long answer for you coming up in the following list.

Take Your Havanese to a 30 Minute Walk Everyday

As mentioned earlier, you would like to target to take your Havanese for a 30-minute walk daily. Unless the weather is extreme, it should be actually a lot of fun to do that. Some people say that a long walk is a very nice type of meditation for you. Sometimes, I see walking with dog as one of gifts that the dog gives you.

Do a 10 Minute Walk if You Absolutely Have No Time

If you are having a super busy day for whatever reason, you should try to still have a quite 10-minute walk with your Havanese. To me, it’s actually pretty hard to imagine how you can be so busy to a point that you can’t spend 10 minutes with your lovely Havanese. While I understand that every person is wired differently, it is hard for me to appreciate a busy person’s lack of willingness to spend time with his or her family and pets.

Havanese is Adaptable: 2 Hour Walk isn’t too Much

Havanese tend to have high level of energy especially considering they are such small dogs. Don’t worry about making them feel too tired if you are planning for a 2 hour walk. I bet you will feel more tired than he does. It is a lot of fun to have a long walk with your Havanese for relationship building and making the two of you feel relaxed. Imagine how much fun it is to get to know more about the hiking trails nearby and approach each of the nice trails every weekend. That sounds like something that you should be looking forward to especially for those of you who have super busy weekdays.

Moderate Hiking is Another Good Way to Exercise Beside Walking

As hinted a little earlier, doing some hiking with your Havanese is a great idea. In fact, I would argue that you should do that at least once every two weeks if you can’t do that every week. You will very likely enjoy the experience. I know that there are some very good procrastinators that are very good at coming up with all sorts of excuses. The weather is a bit too hot or a bit too cold. I am afraid that it is going to rain later in the afternoon. My Havanese enjoys a simple 10-minute walk more. All those excuses can sometime be true but often time they are things that make you feel better about yourself so you can trick your mind that you are not just being lazy. Remember, you don’t have forever to enjoy the time together with your Havanese. Going hiking with your Havanese only once a year is simply not enough.

Let Your Havanese Play in Fenced Yard

For those of you who live in a house and have a fenced backyard, letting them play in the fenced yard is also a great way to exercise. You can let them play in the fenced yard in additional to the walking or you can sometimes skip the walk on the backyard day if you prefer. There’s is no textbook answer on what is the best way to exercise your Havanese. Try them like your child or even yourself and you will realize that things can be very flexible. For example, some people like to talk a long run once every week, take a 30 minute walk for the remaining days and play basketball every Thursday night. Just try to keep things relatively consistent as we, human, and Havanese both tend to love consistency.

Change of Your Lifestyle may be Good

I am in no position to ask you to change your lifestyle. I am here to tell you what feels good for me and you may want to try the same if it seems like a good idea to you. You can always go back to your current lifestyle if my suggested lifestyle doesn’t work out for you. So, here’s a few key points that can make you and your Havanese live better.

Weekdays: 30 Minute Walk with Your Havanese After Work

I love the idea of clearing my mind everyday after work, regardless of whether the day is a tough day or an easy day. It is so nice to have your Havanese walking with you to enjoy your relaxing time.

Saturday: 30 Minute Walk + Meeting Other Friends with Dogs

I like to spend my Saturday meeting friends and that’s nothing more fun than spend time with them who also have Havanese or other dogs in dog parks. It is simply enjoyable to see your Havanese play with his buddies.

Sunday: 2 Hour Moderate Hiking

Sunday is family day. It is nice to go for a nice 2-hour hike with your Havanese. It is even nicer if you can ask your family members to join every once in a while to make your family day more enjoyable.

The most important thing to remember is that we and our Havanese both need exercise because of both physical and mental reasons. I hope the above ideas can help you a little bit when you try to come up with your plan.

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