Is Havanese a Good Apartment Dog?

havanese is good apartment dog

Today, owning and live with a dog has become a thing that you should very carefully think through before you take action. It is not because that people today are over thinking. It is actually because that we have some much useful information on our fingertip that it wouldn’t make sense if we don’t take advantage of it. Today’s topic is a very good demonstration of how thorough research before actually owning a dog can make the future situation way better. Let’s now explore the topic of whether Havanese is a good apartment dog.

Let’s Define Good Apartment Dog

Before we talking about whether Havanese should be classified as a good apartment dog, let’s make things very clear by first declaring what a good apartment dog is. An apartment dog should obviously be a dog that is suitable to live in an apartment, assuming we are talking a normal size apartment and not a super fancy one that is bigger than a typical house. Being an apartment dog mainly mean three things. First, the dog has to be small so he or she has enough space for normal activities. Second, the dog has to be able to adapt to the smaller space, comparing to say a bigger house. Third, the dog has to be quiet enough that he or she doesn’t easily bother the neighbour. If the dog has all of these three items checked, we can classify the dog as a good apartment dog.

Is Havanese a Good Apartment Dog?

Let’s cut down the chase here. Havanese is considered as a good apartment dog. Remember that we have to meet the three criteria? Let’s now explore how Havanese can pass the three tests.

Havanese is Obviously Small

Havanese is known as one of the smallest dogs. A Havanese adult dog only averaged 9 to 11 inches tall and weights 4 to 6 kg. Not only that the small size make Havanese extremely cute and attractive, it also makes them very suitable to be put in an apartment environment. Even a normal or below-average sized apartment is big enough for their daily activity just as walking around. The small size of Havanese has become a huge plus for today’s world. Today in many countries, people are living in smaller and smaller apartments. There are many causes to that. I am not going to explore in depth here but a big reason is that the bigger apartments and houses are bought by rich real estate investors and not only that give average people little chance to buy a bigger home, that also leads to overall more expensive homes. Just go around the world, the same theme happens to many countries. May be that’s the sad by-product of today’s ease to access global information.

Havanese Can Adapt to Different Living Environment

Being small enough to be put into a small apartment doesn’t mean that Havanese would enjoy living in such environment. Luckily, Havanese are very good at adapting to different environment. You rarely hear people saying their Havanese not getting used to living in a small apartment. At the end of the day, what most people love about Havanese is how cheerful they are no matter what environment you put them in. I am pretty sure that you would feel the neat to tidy up your home before your Havanese complains.

The Big Question: Are Havanese Quiet Enough to Live in Apartments

For those of you who live outside North America, you may not know that most apartments in the United States and in Canada are made of wood. It can be hard to imagine for people who live in some tall apartments in Asia countries. It makes a lot of sense from the construction perspective if you think about it. The U.S. and Canada are not as crowded as Tokyo and Hong Kong and, therefore, the apartments don’t need to be as tall. For short apartments, you don’t really need the whole building to be built of concrete and most parts are made of wood instead. The bad part about having an apartment made of wood is that you can quite easier hear the sound that comes from your neighbour’s home. And if your Havanese is not quiet, it certainly does downgrade the quality of living of your neighbour and you can your neighbour can easily have conflict and argument because of that. Now, here comes that the most important question: are Havanese quiet enough? My short answer is yes and my long answer is yes only if you treat your Havanese right.

How to Treat Your Havanese Right to Make Him Relatively Quiet at Home

In order to make your Havanese reasonably quiet at home, the key to make him or her spend enough energy outside the home. And yes, without question, there’s your job and it is a very important one. You need to take your Havanese to a 45-minute-or-more walk every single day. You just have to remember that Havanese, despite their super small size, are dogs with above-average high energy. If you don’t play or exercise with your Havanese enough, eventually the energy is going to built up and it built up kind of fast. To release the energy, there is no other choice than messing up your home and barking a lot. You will be amazed by how the daily 45-minute walk can make your Havanese behave so much better at home.

Let’s Have Fun Hiking Every Week

At first, it may seem like that it is a bad thing that your Havanese kind of forces you to take a 45-minute walk everyday. But very soon, you would actually realize that it is one of the biggest gifts your Havanese could give you. Many Havanese owners have zero motivation to do exercise before they got their Havanese. Now, if you start to appreciate the daily walk. Let’s plan for a easy 2-hour hiking session and try to do that every week or at least every month. You will have a lot of fun and good memory hiking with your Havanese.

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