Is Havanese Right for Me (You) ?

is havanese for me

Today, I am going to talk about a very interesting topic. I will try my very best to answer a common question of “is Havanese right for me”. Through this piece of writing, I will explore with you what kind of person you should roughly be and what kind of behaviors your should have in order to take care of your Havanese well and to make him happy. If you are considering whether to have a Havanese soon, this is going to be a good reference for you. If you already have a Havanese, see if you can develop the below mentioned characteristics in order to become a better Havanese master.

Rule Number One: You Have to Be a Responsible Person

Owning a pet in general is a long term commitment. Owning a dog is even a longer term commitment that will likely last more than 10 years. Most importantly, owning a Havanese which doesn’t like be be alone is a even bigger commitment that requires you to be a very responsible person. Sometimes, we can get away with things like we can’t cook for them and we will just give them commercial food when we have a busy work day. Things like that are completely okay and normal as there is no way to be perfect every single. By being responsible, I mean that once you become the master of your Havanese, you can say a month later that you now think that it is too much work to take care of him and you are going to give up. You can’t give up your Havanese because now you have a great boyfriend or girlfriend that is so good in every aspect expect for the face that he or she doesn’t like dogs. So, the rule number one is very simple. Once you are your Havanese’s master, be his master for the rest of his life and take good care of him in the process.

Rule Number Two: Don’t Forget Rule Number One

Okay, while rule number two may sound a little gimmicky, my point here is that rule number one is so important that you should never forget about it. Trust me, over the more-than-ten-year span, a lot of people are going to forget about their responsibility to take good care of their Havanese and to make them happy. I am not doubting you that you are going to spend at least 30 minutes walking your dog the first month you live with your Havanese. You have to answer yourself honestly whether you can still do that in year 2, year 5, or year 10. Remember, owning a Havanese may be triggered by your emotion. Yet, you have to think it through rationally whether it is truly a good idea. Owning a dog doesn’t equal to playing with a dog. Your Havanese is basically your son or daughter. If you are follow rule number one, a lot of good things will follow. Trust me. A responsible owner can usually do good in other parts or he or she will somehow find the will to learn how to do other things well.

Be Willing to Give Up Some of Your Entertainment

Havanese is a breed to doesn’t like to be alone and you should spend time with your Havanese to make him happy. To gain something, you have to give up something. To gain the fun and precious time that you can spend with your Havanese, you have to give up some time that you used to spend on something that you considered as entertainment. That can mean a lot of different things to different people. For some people, that may mean that you have to give up some of your fun time with your buddies. For some, that may mean you can’t play video games as much. Yet, I think it is a good thing to get a new chance to rethink about the priorities in your life. And things are all about balance. I am not saying that you can’t go clubbing at all if that’s what you enjoy. But how about 2 nights per week instead of going out every night? If you are willing to spend some effort thinking about what’s truly important to you, you will find that having your Havanese is probably better than reading a hundred self-help book that he basically help you mature faster mentally.

You Should Be a Willing Learner

Taking good are of your Havanese is actually part commitment, and part knowledge. There are tons of things that you will have to learn. Things like what kind of food is good to them, what food you should cook and how to actually cook them are things that may be new and challenging for some owners at first. Luckily, there are tons of online resources and books you can read and learn from. There are also things that you can only learn form observing your Havanese carefully. Things like what food they actually like and how much exercise they seem to need daily things that you can find rough answers from books and that you can only know the true answers by observing carefully your own Havanese.

You Have to Be Tough Mentally

Why would you need to be a mentally tough person if all you are trying to do is to take care of a small Havanese? Trust me, when it comes to having to take care a child or a dog, you, as the mother and the father, has to be very tough mentally. The reality is that you are going to have your easy and fun days, and you are going to have your bad days. Sometimes, bad things can happen all at the same time and you just need to be strong enough to handle things properly and logically in your worst day. For example, imagine that your Havenese is sick and you are having your worst day at work. Can you still handle things properly by putting your emotion aside.

As I said earlier in this blog post, as long as your are a responsible person, everything is learnable and everything is figure-out-able. On the other hand, if you are not responsible, it is still good that you find that out and it’s a good thing that you have a chance now to stop thinking about owning a Havanese.

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