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Like all long haired dog breeds, there is an occasional ‘throw back’ to wild type and that is basically what a Short Hair Havanese is. Even some naturally short haired breeds, have an occasional ‘long haired’ puppy or two in the litter, which is the opposite, of course, of what long haired breeds experience.

Short Haired Havanese Dog

We don’t know the mode of inheritance to explain exactly why this happens, but it’s been documented by many long haired (and short haired) breeds for years.

A short hair Havanese is every bit a full blooded wonderful, happy, silly Havanese. They do have a different look and resemble a spaniel in some ways since their muzzle hair is short and leg furnishings are shorter. Their coat on their back is usually about the length of a Havanese in a ‘puppy clip’.

For the owner who does not have issues with allergies (as SH’s do shed) and who do not want to be bothered with frequent visits to the groomer for that popular ‘puppy clip’, a SH Havanese can be a wonderful alternative.

No trips to the groomer, every 6 weeks will be needed with a SH Havanese, and since 99.9% of ‘pet owners’ and retired ‘show dogs’ get put into a short clip anyway, the short coat should not pose a problem for most buyers, wanting a puppy with the beautiful Havanese temperament and charm, first and foremost.

Owners of SH’s are extremely happy with them as they are getting all the charm, personality and fun that any Havanese provides, but without the coat issues. In this way, they make wonderful pets for many families.

Beware of the advertisements for “Shavanese”. These are just shorthairs and some unethical breeders around the world, are trying to toot this as a new rare breed and charging more for one of these puppies.

While most breeders will reduce the price somewhat for a SH (just because they don’t have the typical Havanese “look”), they are by no means a rarity and should not be sold for more money than their long haired litter mates. On the other hand, they can be a wonderful alternative for a family that may not be able to afford the full price for a Havanese puppy, even a breeder with a SH pup decides to reduce the price somewhat!

Ethical breeders will not breed for SH’s on purpose, as breeding to the AKC standard and for sound health and temperament IS ALWAYS the goal of a good breeder. While SH’s are not eligible to be shown in AKC Conformation shows, they are eligible to compete in other AKC events, such as Obedience, Aliglity and Rally. Ethical breeders will sell their SH Havanese on a limited registration with a spay/neuter clause in the contract, as they are not ‘show quality’ dogs.

We have provided this page to educate breeders and puppy buyers, alike, on the SH Havanese. Puppy buyers should not be afraid to add this adorable, lovable puppy to their family.

If it’s the temperament and personality you want most in a puppy, then don’t discount a Short Hair Havanese, if you happen upon one. If you are looking for a puppy with the characteristic long silky coat of a Havanese, then a short haired havanese would not be for you.


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