Teacup , Mini, Pocket Havanese? They Don’t Exist

teacup havanese dont exist

In today’s world, there are more and more people that like to look unique and have unique things and pets to make themselves feel special. While Havanese has been getting more and more popular over the years, there are many people that are looking for an even cuter version of Havanese. Without a doubt, dog sellers are great in smelling and sensing the tread of the market. You begin to see them selling what they call teacup Havanese. Sometimes, they also call them mini Havanese or pocket Havanese. Don’t fall into the trap. They actually don’t really exist. There may be small dogs that look similar to Havanese but calling them teacup Havanese is very wrong. I will explain why in the following and hopefully you can think twice before getting your so-called teacup Havanese.

Some Background Information for Understanding Why Teacup Havanese Don’t Exist

In order to understand why there will never be a teacup Havanese, you have to know about two things. They are to understand what purebred dogs are and what designer dogs are. And most importantly, you have to understand the difference of them.

What are Purebred Dogs Exactly?

For those of you who believe in Darwin’s evolution theory, you may already know that every dog breed is a mixed technically. In one popular theory, the origin of dogs go like this.
Thousands of years ago, some wolves are adopted by human. The nice and friendly wolves got the chance to reproduce while the less friendly or aggressive one did not. One generation after another, by only keeping the more friendly breed, the remaining group of wolves become what we call dogs today. And of course, by living in different areas, eating different food, training in different ways, and more importantly, with some randomness such as one dog somehow reproducing with another wolf, one single breed would become several different breeds. Overtime, we have hundred of breeds of dogs and we can see today. What we call purebred dogs today are dogs that are categoried by their appearence, their temperament, and their body structure, etc. The most important take away is that a purebred dog is has a very stable groups of characteristics that is the same across the whole breed. From another view, a purebred is a dog breed that has already been established for hundreds if not thousands of years that there are a huge quantity of them across the world. To put it in the simplest terms, a Havanese, a purebred dog, is expected to behave and look very similarly to another Havanese.

What are Designer Dogs

A designer dog is a mix of two purebred dogs that are purposely “designed” to achieve a certain result, such as letting a golden retriever and a Havanese mix to produce a Havanese with gold hair. In the case of teacup Havanese, one would have to let a Havanese and an even a smaller dog breed such as Chihuahua mix in an attempt to produce a smaller Havanese. By the law of randomness, you may getting a number of results such as a dog that looks like a large Chihuahua or a dog that looks like a smaller Havanese. Let’s say the result turns out to be a dog that looks like a smaller Havanese. Don’t be fooled. It is not a Havanese. The look may be very similar by chance, but you will have to have a lot of luck for the puppy to have all the characteristics that a Havanese should have. You can definitely call him a Havanese Chihuahua mix but there’s no way you can call him a teacup Havanese. It’s both incorrect morally and technically.

Why Calling a Small Havanese Mix is Wrong Morally?

To illustrate why there is a moral issue by calling a mix dog that looks like a smaller version of Havanese the teacup Havanese, let’s use an analogy. Let’s use human in this case. Let’s use yellow people and black people to illustrate the point. Black people have an averaged height that is much larger than yellow people. If a black person and a yellow person produce the next generation and the result is a person that looks like a shorter version of the black person, should we call that person a mini black person?

The Dark Side of the Seller

The biggest issue with labelling these small Havanese-like mix breeds as teacup Havanese or mini Havanese is that the sellers are using these misleading names to boost the sales. In the world of capitalism, there is nothing wrong with meeting the customers’ demand by providing supply. However, if there is freud involved, there is a lot of problem.

When Buyers Buy “Teacup Havanese”, They Have High but False Expectations

When buyers see the word “teacup Havanese”, what do you think they expect from the puppy. They expect the puppy to be a cheerful and friendly dog like a Havanese while having an even smaller and cuter size. However, that’s usually not the case as the dogs they eventually get can easily have character that is more similar to the parent that is not Havanese. What do you think if the “teacup Havanese” end up being small but aggressive dogs. Would the buyers really keep them? Or are we going to see tons of dogs that are given up by their owners?

Buyers Have Responsibility Too

A very wise man in the world called Charlie Munger has said that rationality is a moral duty. I do really agree on this statement. In an extreme parallel world, if nobody is rational, we may see everyone trying to hurt somebody else. On the other hand, if you are trying your best to be a rational person, you can see the reality more clearly. In the case of the “teacup Havanese” scam, if there are more rational dog buyers that don’t just look at things on the surface. There will be much fewer people that got misled to buy these “teacup Havanese”. When the demand isn’t as much, the supply from the scammers won’t be as much. Of course I do hate the scammers more, but I am just saying that as dog owners, we have to be self-discipline enough to make good and smart decisions too.

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