Things to Know When Your Havanese Having Limping Back Legs

Havanese does have a tendency of having limping back legs when they get older than many other dogs. That can be due to their joint problems that has to do with their genes. They can also be caused by other reasons too. There is no doubt that you should take your Havanese to the vet when you notice your Havanese limping, but it is always good to have some knowledge on what are some possible reasons and what can you do to help your Havanese. By the way, it is not only the back legs that have limping problems, but it does happen more often for the back legs than to the front legs. Let me now explore with you some possible causes for the limping leg issues.

Limping Back Legs Caused by Inherited Joint Problems

The bone structure of Havanese does cause some excessive tension to the joints, especially the back and the knees. The bone structure is inherited so you can view this joint issue as an inherited issue that you can completely avoid. When there are some joint issues at the back legs’ knees, it is difficult for the Havanese to walk properly. You would be able to start seeing some more obvious limping. The way to reduce the chance of this from happening is to do more exercise together with your Havanese. Usually, when joint issues occur, your vest would give you some medicine to reduce the Havanese’s pain and in some case reduce the root cause. In some cases, surgery may be required.

Torn Pad Can Cause Back Legs Limping

Intuitively, when you see your Havanese limping, it is natural to assume that it has to do with bones. But there are times when a Havanese limps because of a torn pad. In fact, this is one of the most common reasons for a Havanese to limp. Usually, if you and your Havanese talk together for 45 minutes or an hour a day, there won’t be problems with your Havanese’s pads. However, if the path you walk are filled with rough concert or rough stones or things of that nature, there is a good chance that the roughness of the walking path can hurt and torn the Havanese pads.

Torn Nails Happen More Often Than You Think

I don’t care about how active you are. There is little chance that you are more energetic than your cheerful Havanese. When the play and exercise, sometimes their toe nail just randomly hit something and it can cause them enough pain to start limping. The fix is simple as you may have expected. Just keep their nails short and the chance of having torn nails is largely reduced.

Havanese Can Break Their Bones Just Like We Can

You or some of your friends around you should have experienced broken or fractured bones before. Their reasons are justing playing sports that involves some jumping and landing, such as playing basketball. Some other sports that causes falling to the floor such as biking and snowboarding can also cause people to break their bones. Havanese and many other dogs are pretty much the same. Although they have better jumping ability than us, there are still changes when your Havanese hit something or have an awkward landing that can break their bones. That’s why you should take your Havanese to the vet when your Havanese is limping. You can hardly tell whether the reason of your Havanese limping is broken bone unless there is an obvious other cause.

Muscle Soreness Can Also Cause Limping

Let’s continue the example of people having their bones broken playing sports. For those of you who exercise a lot, there is a good chance that you would have some muscle soreness. Usually, having a few days or weeks off from intense exercise is the best way to cure the soreness. For Havanese, they can have muscle soreness by exercising or playing too much. It doesn’t happen too often to them as they are born to play for hours a day. But when that happens, it can cause your Havanese some mild back leg limping.

Muscle Tear Takes More Time to Recover

There are times when we, human, play sports and tear our muscle. Sometimes, these things just happen randomly. It can be just due to an awkward motion when you play basketball, tennis or golf. The same randomness applies to your Havanese. There are times when your Havanese can have an awkward body movement and tear his muscle. There is actually a way to reduce this random event from happening. You can just make sure that you spend enough time, say 45 minutes, to walk together with your Havanese to keep his body always in a well stretched state. In other words, you want your Havanese to be warmed up almost all the time, so it makes it harder to tear his muscle when he suddenly want to play intensely at home.

Bone Cancer, Something We Don’t Want to See Happening

The word “cancer” is still something that human has a tendency to be scared of. When we hear that word, we can smell something bad and sad is going to happen soon. But thanks to today’s technology in medication, the chance of healing cancer is much better than it used to be. Although it is something bad that no body like to face, it is a good idea to just let your Havanese go to see the vet early when you see your Havanese is limping, and hopefully your vet is a good one that help you diagnose your problem correctly.

In conclusion, Havanese is a dog breed that has inherited joint problems. The inherited joint problem, when happened at the knees, can cause his back legging limping, especially when he gets older. Yet, limping can also causes by less serious injuries like having torn pad and having torn nails. And in many ways, you Havanese is just like you. He can have broken bone, sore muscle and torn muscle caused by some awkward movements, landing or falling when they play and exercise.

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