Best Tips for Jogging with Your Havanese

havanese jogging good or bad

Today, I am going to talk about a very common topic about Havanese. The topic is derived from a common question from Havanese owners. Can I go jogging with my Havanese? For those of you who don’t get why this is a common question, you may not be a jogger yourself so you likely only walk or at most fast walk with your Havanese. Yet, there are some serious runners or joggers that happen to be Havanese owners as well. They do want to know whether making their Havanese jog with them will hurt them or if there are any special little things to watch out. Let me dive into this topic and answer some of the most common related questions now.

Can I Jog with My Havanese?

The simple answer is yes, you can jog with your Havanese. But it is a little irresponsible to keep the answer that short and simple because there are some exceptions and there are a number of things to watch out for, so please stick with me and let me explain the full story here. First of all, most dogs love to run. Yet, love running doesn’t mean should run. Havanese is a small dog that has relatively high level of energy. It is not surprising that they like to run as well. However, you have to be careful about how much and how fast you allow your Havanese to run. Let’s now talk about what you should watch out for in detail.

Check If Your Havanese Can Match Your Speed

Dogs are like people like some of them are better runners or joggers than others. How do we know how good our Havanese are as runners? Only by observing. Let’s say that you decide to go jogging with your Havanese and you start jogging at your normal speed. If your Havanese consistently drag behind even if he can then catch up eventual, that is an obvious sign that you are jogging too fast. It is of course okay too jog to slow. It is only jogging too fast that can create health issues for your Havanese. So, if you find that you are jogging too fast, simply slow it down and remember that that’s the pace your Havanese like to jog. Even if you think that’s not your ideal pace, you have to do that since you really don’t want to injure your Havanese.

Check If You Havanese is Breathing Very Heavily

Let’s say that you have adjust your jogging speed to match your Havanese’s optimal jogging speed. The amount of jogging is also an important factor to watch out for. If your Havanese is breathing heavily when he jogs, it is a good indicator that he is probably running a little too much. Let’s say if you start to notice your Havanese’s heavy breathing after 20 minutes of jogging, it is a good idea to make him jog less than 20 minutes next time. May be you can jog with your Havanese for 15 minutes then begin to walk with him for another 30 minutes. That should be enough daily exercise for both you and your Havanese.

Let’s Develop Your Havanese’s Jogging Habit Gradually

I know that it’s exciting to just grab your sneakers and go run with your Havanese in a beautiful day, especially if you have just finished a very productive work day. However, if that’s the first time you jog with your Havanese, you should assume your Havanese is a good runner even if he looks so energetic all the time. You should jog slowly and see how your Havanese is doing. You should also keep the run very short. Remember you can always just change to walking when you feel that your Havanese has already got enough running. To provide your with a more specific example, you may want to jog very slowly, may be two times your speed of walking, for about 5 minutes. Gradually increase the speed and the length of your jogging session each day. Over time, assuming that you are a pretty good runner yourself, you may reach a point where you see your Havanese drag behind a lot and breath pretty heavily. Then you reduce both your speed and length of jogging to suit your Havanese’s ability.

When You Find Out the Limit of Your Havanese, Just Go 80% Each Time

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, after jogging with your Havanese for days and observing carefully, you should be able to find out the rough limit of your Havanese. For example, you may find out that your dog can do fine jogging with you at a medium pace for 30 minutes before he starts to drag behind and breath more heavily. Then you shouldn’t jog with your Havanese at this pace for 30 minutes each day. You should instead jog for roughly 20 minutes which is roughly 70 – 80 percent of their limit. Remember that you are not training your dogs for some competition or things like that. It is always better to be on the same side. In other words, if you know your Havanese can jog for 30 minutes. Stop jogging at the 20-minute mark.

Don’t Forget About Water

Jogging for the say 20 minutes without drinking water is simply unhealthy. It is easy to forget the fact that we have to drink water often when the weather gets a little cold. When the summer gets hot, we also tend to not drink enough water.

3km of Jogging Should be a Good Estimate for Your Havanese’s Ceiling

I am sure that some of you do like numbers to help you get a better picture of how much your Havanese can run. Generally speaking, using 3km as the limit of Havanese is a pretty good estimate. Of course, the better way to find out how much jogging your Havanese can take is always the trial and observe method described earlier.

In conclusion, your Havanese should do find jogging with you. However, since every Havanese is different, it is important to develop the jogging habit gradually and observe your Havanese’s optimal pace and amount of jogging. If you don’t particularly like jogging yourself, there is nothing wrong to stick with walking only.

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