What are Havanese Allergic To?

havanese what are they allergic to

In another article I wrote before, I have talked about how some dogs can easily cause us allergy attacks and how to reduce the chance of happening. If you are interested, you can take a lot of that article here. By the way, Havanese is not a dog breed that can easily cause you allergy problems. In this blog post, I am going to turn the focus around. Instead of talking about how to we may have allergy problems, let’s talk about what your Havanese may be allergic to and see if there are some good ways to reduce the probability of the issue.

Havanese Do Have Allergy Problems, Just Like Us & Other Dogs

To answer the question of whether Havanese has allergy problems, the short answer is yes, they do have have allergy problems but not every Havanese does. That’s actually the same of human. Let’s look at us. There are many of us that don’t really suffer from any allergy problems but we all know that friend or family member that has allergy attacks that cause them skin problems or having running nose every morning. The one huge difference our Havanese and us on this subject is that we seem to figure out a way to reduce the problem or reduce the probability of our problem happening as we grow older, whether that is thru doing some more exercise, having better diet, or thru some doctor-assigned medicine. However, our Havanese don’t know how to deal with the issues and they won’t even directly let you know. You have to be a good observer and a good care taker to help ease the pain of your Havanese. There are many different things that can cause Havanese allergy attacks. Let’s now take a look at them one by one.

Let’s Start with Food

Since food can very directly affect the health of your Havanese, let’s begin the list of allergy causes with food. There are some less fortunate Havaense that may be allergic to some types of food. The best way to find out what foods that your Havanese can eat or cannot eat is to do it thru trial and error. The high risk food are wheat, chicken and soy. And by trail and error, I mean that you should only let your Havanese try a very small portion of whatever that is newly introduced to your Havanese’s diet. Be a very good observer and see if they have some sort of skin problem when some new food is added to their diet. Avoiding food allergy problems is relatively easy since dogs are not like human who would eat out a lot and it’s impossible for us to keep track of what ingredients are used in our own diet. It is possible for us to have a very good understanding of our Havaense is actually eating as long as we are willing to spend that extra effort in purchasing dog food or cooking meals for our Havanese.

Grass is the Little Surprise that You Cannot Ignore

Believe it or not, some Havanese are actually allergic to grass. Although this is not common, it is good to know that so you won’t ignore its possibility.

Pollen Doesn’t Only Cause Pain to Human

I am not sure about you, but I always live with someone who is allergic to pollen and understands the pain that comes with every spring. For those of you who have pollen, you just don’t feel right with the running nose and difficulty to breath. That’s actually the same to your Havanese. Not too many of Havanese are allergic to pollen, but for those that do, they can feel similar pain and uncomfort.

Allergic to Medicine is a Huge One that Can Easily be Ignored

Due to how human mind work, we have a very low tendency to question doctors and vets. That’s actually because of how the so called “authority-caused bias” we have in our brain. A very simple and good example is that when you see someone in a room wearing white coat in a lab, you would assume that he is trust worthy. When a guy wearing t shirt and jeans speaks to you, you may simply not trust what he is saying, although the two people are saying exactly the same thing with the exact same reasoning.

Just Don’t Use Perfume, Period

There are some Havanese that are allergic to perfume. I actually like to do things the easy way. If you or your other half uses perfume, just stop using it. I am sorry that I am a super logical person. I don’t really eat any good with using perfume and there is no reason to risk using it if you have a Havanese.

Shampoo & Soap are Difficult Ones to Catch

You may be nice enough to stop using perfume to protect the health of your Havanese. But there is no way that you can avoid using shampoo, soaps and other similar products. The only thing you can do is to observe and keep in mind this possibility. Change your shampoo or soaps whenever you have the slightest suspect that a certain product may be causing your Havanese some allergy attacks. I know it kind of sounds like a guessing game, but that’s just the way it works and the way the lot of things work in real life.

What to Observe?

There are signs that can tell us there is a good chance that your Havanese has an allergy attack. I am going to talk about the more obvious ones and take your Havanese to the vet if you see any of these signs.

Scratching and Licking on Skin a Lot

If you see your Havanese seem to scratch or lick on his skin more that he usually does, there is a good chance that he has itchy skin.

Watery Eyes

When you see your Havanese has extra watery eyes all the time, it is also a good sign that he is having some allergy issues.

Diarrhea & Vomiting

There is usually some issue going on when your Havanese vomit or has diarrhea. Although it can be caused by a recent bad meal, it is better to be safe to find out if there are hidden issues.

Breathing Gets Difficult

If you hear your Havanese has some noisy breath, it is probably because that your Havanese is breathing with a lot of difficulty. You shouldn’t hesitate to take it the vet and think about the possible causes of the allergy issue.

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