What is the Average Havanese Lifespan? How to Make Them Live Longer?

what is havanese lifespan

It is very normal to ask the question of “what’s the average lifespan of Havanese” because Havanese owners usually love their Havanese so much that they want to prepare mentally for the sad day. Today, I am going to spend this piece of writing answering this question and talk about related things that you may be interested in. Let me quickly give you the answer now.

Like Many Dogs, Havanese Roughly Live 14 Years

Just like human, we only have an average number of how long we can live. But we can be off by quite a lot sometimes. It is half luck and half human factors, e.g. how well we take care of our body. For Havanese, they have an average lifespan of 14 years. If you look around on the internet, you will basically see two different sets of information. One says that they roughly live 13 to 15 years. The other one says that it is roughly 12 to 16 years. They are just statistics represented a little differently. Just use 14 years as your simple and brief answer if knowing a rough estimate is important to you.

How to Make Your Havanese Live Longer?

As touched on in the previous paragraph, the actual lifespan of your Havanese is determined by two things: luck and human factors. Since we can’t control luck, there is nothing to discuss or explore in this area. On the other hand, human factors have to do with how we take care or our Havanese. I will discuss a few areas where we can try to do our best. Given the fact that we can’t control luck, taking care of our Havanese the right way is our best shots to make them live longer so we can enjoy more time with our Havanese. Let me discuss what areas you should pay attention to.

Walk Your Havanese 30 Minutes a Day

Spending some time to play or exercise with your Havanese is critical to their physical and mental health. Havanese is a breed that has above-average high level of energy. They do need to exercise. Although a one-hour walk with your Havanese is probably more ideal, it is already really nice of you to be able to spare 30 minutes to walk with your dog daily. It can be tough to do that everyday, consistently, if you don’t make any tradeoffs in your life. For example, you must give up some of your hangout time with your friends, or some TV time, or some video game time. But think about it, isn’t having a 30-minute walk daily something very good for your body too? I often view the 30-minute walk as a gift from you Havanese. By the way, it really doesn’t hurt to have a weekly two-hour easy hiking too. It is going to be a lot of fun for both you and your Havanese.

Feed Your Havanese with Home-Cooked Food

Your Havanese’s diet is probably as important as, if more important than, the amount of exercise he has. There is a saying that goes like “if you want to treat them well, you need to feed them well” and I complete agree on that when it comes to feeding my Havanese. To feed your Havanese well, I would strongly recommend that you choose to cook instead of buying commercial food. There’s no doubt that the quality of commercial food is quite high especially when it is compared to years ago. However, there is no way that processed food can beat home-cooked food in terms of the purity of the nutrient. In other words, the rule of thumb for both dog food and human food is that the less it is processed, the better. Cooking for them isn’t as difficult as you might have thought. You can make your Havanese some boiled chicken leg for example and he will very likely love it. It may require you to use 10 to 15 minutes to prepare each meal. Let’s say that may add up to 30 to 40 minutes a day. Am I really ask too much? If you learn how to enjoy the cooking time, it is actually a great time to make yourself relaxed and clear your mind. Make cooking daily your habit and that’s both beneficial for both you and your Havanese.

Keep Your Havanese at a Healthy Weight Range

There are studies that show Havanese that are within a healthy weight range have an average lifespan that is 10 percent longer than those that don’t. With the right combination of diet and exercise, you should try to make your Havanese fit. How exactly does that mean? A Havanese that has a healthy weight should have ribs that feel like washboard. To understand how that feels, try to put one of your hand on the table, with the back of the hand facing the ceiling, and have the fingers touching each other side by side. Now, touch it with your other hand. That’s how your Havanese’s ribs should feel like. Knowing that you can have a chance to make your Havanese live longer by 10 percent should be enough motivation for you to take care of their diet and exercise.

Even 16 Years is Too Short

Some Havanese may be lucky or taken care well enough to live 16 years. But still, 16 years go by really fast. Think about it you spend rough 8 years in high school. Do you think that the 8 years are very short when you look back. If you think that is really short, 16 years is two times that, which means it is not as short, but still short. But hey, the quality of your Havanese’s life is much more important than the length of his life. Just take good care and create enough fun memory with your Havanese so that year 16 is as good and refreshing as year 1.

In conclusion, Havanese has an average lifespan of 14 years. You can also use 12 years to 16 years as your another reference. If you take care of their diet and exercise well enough so that they are almost always within a healthy weight range, they have a good probably to live 10 percent longer than those Havanese that aren’t taken care well.

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