What is the Neck Size of Havanese & How They Compare to Other Dogs

havanese neck size

For all those Havanese owners and lovers out there, I know that you want to find out almost everything about Havanese. One of the most surprisingly common questions I got is what the neck size of Havanese is. To make this blog post more interesting, not only will I answer this question, I will also compare Havanese’s neck size with those of other dogs. I will also explore on some related interesting facts about neck size of Havanese and other dogs. Let’s get started.

Neck Size of Havanese

The average neck size of Havanese is around 10 inches. It is usually safe to assume that the Havanese would have the neck size between 8 inches and 12 inches. That’s actually a very common size for small dogs such as Maltese, Poodle and Yorkshire Terrier.

Why is it Important to Know the Neck Size of Your Havanese

First of all, it is important to know the size of your own Havanese because you would want to buy the right collar for your Havanese. The 8 inches to 12 inches estimation is for your reference only and it is definitely better to actually measure your Havanese yourself. It is not surprising that wearing the collar doesn’t give your Havanese the best experience as no one wants to be tied to a rope according to anyone’s common sense. Given that, we want to make the experience as good as possible by choosing the collar of the right size for them. There is very little thing that can make your Havanese feel worse that a unfit collar.

There are Times when You Want to Know Other Dogs’ Neck Sizes

You may think that knowing only your Havanese’s neck size is enough. Why would you have to know the neck sizes of other dogs’ neck sizes. For those of you who have friends that are dog owners, you should be able to guess the answer. Yes, there are times we want to buy gifts for our friends’ dogs and a nice looking collar is a great choice of gift. It is very handy to know your friends’ dogs neck sizes. From my experience, buying a dog toy or anything related to dog for your friend as their Christmas of birthday gift may make them even happier than if you buy them some other gifts that are not for the dog. It is very similar to when a mom receive a birthday gift that can be very useful for taking care of their children.

Which Dog Has the Smallest Neck Size?

There is a type of dog lover that simply love to know more about every kind of dog. They may be the truest dog lovers out there. If you are one of this group or you want to join this group, let’s test your knowledge about dogs by playing some quiz. Now, here comes the first question. Which dog has the smallest neck size? There are indeed two answers. The answers are Chihuahua and Teacup Yorkshire Terrier. I bet you may be able to get the Chihuahua part right which is already really good. It turns out that Chihuahua and Teacup Yorkshire Terrier have the neck size of six to eight inches.

Which Dog Has the Largest Neck Size?

Guessing which dog has the smallest neck size isn’t that hard. A lot of people know that a Chihuahua is very tiny and it is supposed to win the battle of the smallest neck size. But what about the opposite? Which dog has the largest neck size? Here is a list of dogs that are reasonably popular and have the largest neck size. The list includes: Bernese Mountain Dog, Saint Bernard, Great Dane and Mastiff. They have the neck size of 24 inches to 30 inches. That’s pretty large. I know some female adult friends who barely have a 24-inch waist. (I know many more friends who go above 30 inches though so don’t worry if you don’t the that 24-inch waistline.)

Golden Retriever’s Neck Size

For some reasons, Golden Retriever has become very popular in the past few years. Like other things in list, having a good name is a very good start. Not only that golden retrievers look beautiful and cute, they have a wonderful name which I think gives them a lot more extra fans than what they may deserve. Anyway, Golden Retrievers are large dogs too, but they are not as large as the group I just mentioned in the previous paragraph. By being large, I mean that they have the neck size of 16 inches to 26 inches.

The Dogs of Medium Neck Size

Which dog breeds has a medium neck size. By medium, I mean the neck size of somewhere between 14 inches to 20 inches. There are a few dog breeds that have neck sizes that lie between this range. The list includes Boston Terrier, French Bulldog and English Bulldog.

What to Know if You are Buying a Dog Collar as a Gift

If you are buying a dog collar to your friend who is a dog owner as a gift, you should know that you can go very creative in today’s world. Instead of just being able to get a typical dog collar, there is such thing as a smart dog collar today. Some people call the smart dog collar the Apple watch for dogs. I found that very funny and very fancy. Surprisingly, the smart dog collar is more useful than it may first sounds. Being able to locate your Havanese at all time is a very useful feature that allows you to feel safe. It usually comes with LED light which makes it a nice tech jewellery. Some of those smart dog collars even include heart beat and other health related detectors that tell you more about state of health of your Havanese. Now, you know that there is something that much fun and creative, you should still remember that the most important thing for a dog collar is that it has to be comfortable to wear. Make sure you can a dog collar that fits your friend’s dog. If you are not sure about the dog’s neck size, it is better to ask your friend than stubbornly trying to make this a surprise present.

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