Top 6 Keys on What to Expect from Havanese Puppies?

havanese puppy what to expect

Let’s assume that you are about to get a Havanese puppy or you just got your new one. Let’s also assume that this is your first Havanese puppy. It is very useful to have a little bit of background knowledge about what you should expect. I think that can help you as much as it helps your Havanese puppy. Although every Havanese is different, it always help to make you less nervous if you know more about what they do in general. Just like when I first helping my first new born baby to take a bath, watching tons of demonstrates on how it should be done before hand does help me calm down and think more clearly. The videos don’t really help me too much knowledge-wise but they help psychological-wise. Hopefully, the below information about Havanese puppies will help you both knowledge-wise and psychological-wise.

Havanese Puppies Don’t Like to Be Alone

Not only for puppies, Havanese in general doesn’t like to be alone. However, a Havanese adult that has lived with you for years may be already very used to your lifestyle, e.g. having to work 9 to 5 every weekday, so they tend to be feel more normal when they are alone. On the other hand, a Havanese puppy who live with you for the first time only behave according to its born in instinct. Therefore, be prepared to give your puppy some time to adjust to your lifestyle. Spend more time with him if possible. I understand that you are very likely going to have to work a 9-to-5 job. Yet, you still ought to try your best. Things like spending less time on hangouts and your other hobbies for the first half a year you start to live with your Havanese puppy. Like other things in life, everything has a tradeoff. If you want a happy Hanvanese puppy, spend more time with him. It is simple but not easy.

Be Prepare to Spend Time Cleaning Up Your Puppy’s Pee

Havanese do have a tendency to pee when they are excited. It will take some training until they learn not to pee when they are overly excited. The level of severity really depends. There are some simple and effective ways to handle this issue by providing some light training. For example, you want to ignore him by avoiding any sort of eye contact with him when you see him being overly excited. A lot of time, that happens when you get home from work and he is so excited and tries to get your attention. I have previously talked about this subject in detail in another blog post I wrote regarding Havanese’s peeing when overly excited. You may want to check out the post by clicking on the link to learn about about that.

Be Prepared to Exercise Regularly

I am suggesting you to be prepared to do exercise daily. Your Havanese puppy is born with the instinct of wanting to exercise everyday. I am not sure whether you are born with that type of mentality to train and exercise regularly. Generally speaking, we have a current culture that encourages us to sit or lie on the sofa than to walk or run. I am not persuade that this has anything to do with human gene. I am more convinced that these are due to the habits that are driven by technology that gives us easy entertainment such as TV, smart phones and video games. The good news is that you are about to get rid of your bad habit of being too lazy to exercise because your Havanese puppy needs to exercise. A 30-minute walk a day with your puppy would be the optimally balanced amount of exercise that is right at the middle of your puppy’s desire and your ability, and that’s speaking from someone who have to work. I totally understand how difficult it is to spare 30 minutes to exercise at first. But trust me, after forcing yourself to do it for around 3 months, things become easy and automatic.

Decide Whether to Feed Them Commercial Food or Home-Cooked Food

Decide whether to cook for your Havanese puppy or to simply feed them commercial food you can buy is actually a more complicated problem than it may seem. First, it is a health problem. Your home-cooked meals are so much more natural and less processed than the food you can get from the market. It is common sense that that a balanced home-cooked diet is much healthy than eating processed commercial food all the time. If you don’t believe me, try stop eating fast food, junk food and not to eat out for three straight months. Cook some healthy food for yourself. I can almost ensure you that you will be in a much better shape. Secondly, it is a time issue too. Some of you may feel that you are too busy to do the simplest cooking. For me, I do think that simple cooking actually costs much less time than you may think. How difficult and time consuming it is to make your Havanese puppy a boiled boneless chicken leg? We may be talking about 5 minutes of preparation and 10 minutes of waiting. It certainly doesn’t seem like too much to ask.

Spend Some Time to Train Your Havanese Puppy

Havanese are generally smart dogs. It is kind of a waste of their talent if you don’t provide them with basic training. As you may expect, training is basically a reward system that helps them develop habits. It is going to take you some time and patience. Remember they are intelligent enough to be some good watchdogs.

Havanese Puppies Need Your Accompany for Sleeping

Havanese is a breed that generally is afraid of being lonely. Naturally, they are supposed to sleep with their siblings and since that’s usually the case when you get your puppy home, you will have to sleep to him for him to feel safe and sleep properly. I am not saying that you have to sleep with your puppy on the bed together. But you should put in a crate and put it on a chair so you, sleeping on your bed, and your puppy are at roughly the same level. That can make them feel safer but they may still be crying in the first few nights he spends in your home.

Hopefully, the information above can help make you less nervous. Be prepared to start a beautiful journey with your Havanese puppy that will take a lot of your effort and time.

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