What You Need to Know about Havanese, Especially for Potential Owners

what you need to know about havanese

Havanese are such cute dogs. It isn’t hard to imagine that there are many people who are thinking about owning a dog is targeting at getting a Havanese. If you are one of those people who get attracted to the cute little dog too, don’t just go and get one due to your flashes of passion. You still have to know what you are getting. I like to say that owning a Havanese or other dogs and getting married is very similar. You are choosing someone to live with you in the long run. In contrast, owning a Havanese is nothing like having a boyfriend or a girlfriend. You can’t just keep switching until you find the Mr. or Mrs. Right. So, in order to not make mistakes, there are things that you must know about Havanese and here’s a list of some of the most important things to know.

Havanese Don’t Like Being Alone

Havanese, being cheerful and lovely dogs, have many good characteristics. I choose to first talk about the fact that they don’t like to be alone because it is a very important fact. Yes, there are still some Havanese owners that don’t spend much time with their Havanese and their Havanese still seem healthy and alright. But do you really want to go against the nature of Havanese. If you really can’t find time to spend with your Havanese, why don’t you just get a dog that doesn’t mind being alone. Most of the time, when the Havanese is being too lonely too much, he would let you know, either by barking or by messing up your home. But don’t rely on that as a signal and don’t only spend time with them when they seem to be too lonely. I actually got some tips on how to spend more time with your Havanese and I believe that everyone can do this if they are trying to be responsible dog owners.

Spending Time with Your Havanese is a Negative Art

I like to call the method of spending more time with your Havanese a negative art. Why is that? Because in order to find more time to spend with your Havanese, you have to subtract things from your current life. For example, you can’t continue to go for drinks every single night after work. You better have a stable boyfriend or a girlfriend instead of dating new people all the time and get so emotional. Stop hanging out, and drinking, with friends that aren’t really your friends. You should rather hang out once a week or even once a month with your true friends rather than hanging out with your hi-bye friends a lot. Now, let’s look at your revised schedule. Yes, instead of getting home later every day, now you get home as soon as you finish work almost every day, may be something like 5 days out of 7 every week. Now, you can spend much more time with your Havanese. At first, it may seems like it is some sort of sacrifice. But very soon, you will find that it is a much happier and more fulfilled lifestyle. Because you are only getting rid of the noise in your life, but not the signal. The signal is your Havanese, you true friends and your family. Stick to that belief and you will very soon thank your Havanese for forcing you to adopt a brand new and better lifestyle.

Havaense Have Above-Average Level of Energy & Need Exercise

The second thing about Havanese that I would like to point out is again something that affects you and you should really consider this point before owning a Havanese. Havanese, although small, actually are dogs have above-average level or energy which also means that they do need to exercise everyday for an above-average amount. Roughly how much exercise do they need to keep them happy? You better have a long 45-minute walk with your Havanese everyday. I am sure that, even for those of you who don’t do exercise, 45 minutes may not sound like something tough. But the “everyday” part is the tough part that most people fail to do. And to make matters even more challenging, you have to do it every single day for around 14 years. Can you do that? If the answer is no, you better considering owning another dog that doesn’t have such high level of energy. You may in fact consider not owning a dog at all. Not all dog lovers have to own a dog. In fact, if you love dogs and you know you don’t have the ability to take care of them well, not owning a dog is a good way to show your love. A little counter-intuitive, but true.

Havanese Have Inherited Joint Problems

Another thing you should know is that Havanese, due to their inherited bone structures, have a relative high chance to have joint problems when they get older. I am not saying that all Havanese are going to have joint problems when they get old. I am saying that they do tend to have a higher chance of having such issues compared to many other dog breeds. The reason I want to point out this issue here is that I want you to know that you may need to spend some extra time and extra to take care of your Havanese when they get old and have joint problems. If you don’t think you can take care of a older and less energetic version of Havanese a few years from now. Just don’t start now.

I have pointed out some possible concerns for potential owners. In this blog post, I intentionally skipped talking about all the good things about Havanese. I am just guessing that if you have come to this blog, you should already know that Havanese are cute, small, intelligent and cheerful. I really don’t have to sell these points to you. The thing we have to be careful with is that we often got too excited and forget to look at our own circle of competence. If, after knowing the above points about Havanese, you think that owning a Havanese is outside your circle of competence, just don’t do it.

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