When Would Havanese Begin Jumping? How Good are They?

when havanese jumping dogs

Very often, Havanese owners would come up with a lot of little yet very interesting questions. Here is some regarding Havanese’s jumping ability that I will explore with you. Are Havanese good jumpers? When are they going to being jumping? How high can they usually jump? By the way, I really love these types of questions. I call these types of question happy questions because these questions usually come from Havanese owners who actually are willing to spend enough time with their Havanese. Only when you spend time to play with and observe your Havanese that you would come up with these little questions. Anyway, let me try to give you some good answers to your wonderful questions now.

When are Havanese Going to Learn How to Jump?

A Havanese puppy can actually jump at a very young age. I think that a better and more accurate to ask this question is when you can let your Havanese jump off a sofa and when to let him jump off your bed. This is a very important question that is related to the safety of the dog. Think about it, would you let your Havanese puppy jump off your table? How would you know whether that is safe of not for him? Although there’s usually no textbook answer for these questions, there are some very good suggestions that are given as advices from experienced Havanese owners and I am going to share with you the principles.

If Your Havanese Can’t Jump Up On the Sofa, Don’t Let Him Jump Off It

The rule is very simple and very logical. It is actually a bit on the safe side which is a good thing to me. The rule is that if your Havanese can’t jump up to something, don’t let him jump off that thing. Let me explain why I think it’s logical and it seems to be safe rule to apply. Let’s try to think about applying this rule to yourself. Are you able to jump up on the chair? I bet most of you would answer “yes”. Are you confident that you can jump off the chair without injuring yourself? The answer would likely be “yes” too. Now, let’s look at a negative case. Are you about to jump to the top of the door? The answer is “no” I am pretty sure. Now, will you be injured if you jump off the top of the door? The answer is “maybe”. And since we don’t want a “maybe” when it’s related to the health of our lovely Havanese, we should go by this safe rule.

You Don’t Have to Encourage Your Havanese Puppies to Jump

If you tilts towards the safe side like me, another suggestion that I would like to make is that you shouldn’t encourage a Havanese puppy to jump before he can do it naturally one day. In detail, what I mean is that your Havanese would eventually know how to jump naturally and you will definitely know it when that day comes. So, you really don’t have to rush anything. Don’t over-encourage them to jump too early because their muscles and bones may not be ready to take the hit. I like to be overly-safe than to be overly-aggressive for their training.

What You Can Do if You Want Your Havanese to Jump Up On the Couch

For those of you who like to let your Havanese go to any area of your home, including going to the couch so he can come enjoy watching TV with you, there is a very simple solution for you before they are ready to jump up on the couch. You can simply put a footstool right at the couch, and similar for your bed. That allow them to go back to the floor without getting injured too. Sometimes, it is really small tools like this that can help you and your Havenese a lot.

To be Safe, Don’t Let Your Havanese Jump Off The Couch Before 8 Months

For those of you who are on the safe side, I have done some research on what people generally say about when is the rough age for your Havanese puppy to jump off the couch. Seems like the safe and reasonable answer is 8 months from my research. Although it is tempting to encourage your puppy to do it earlier, we should trade off the safety of our Havanese with our own entertainment.

How High Can Havanese Jump?

Havanese are considered good jumpers. Many of them can jump 3 feet or one meter high. That’s half the height of your door! That’s very impressive considering their small size. That’s like three times their length roughly speaking. If we have that type of jumping ability, everyone of us can pretty much slam dunk a basketball.

Why is Knowing How High Your Havanese Can Jump Important?

If you need to setup gates for your Havanese, knowing how high they can jump becomes important. It is safer to setup 36-inch gates. But typically, if you can afford to try around, setting up 24-inch or 30-inch gates are usually more convenient.

Minor Reminder for Your Havanese’s Safety

As mentioned a little earlier, you don’t want to let your Havanese jump of the couch before they can jump up on it. Yet, some owners like to let their Havanese sit on the couch to have fun and watch some TV with them which is perfectly fine. I just want to remind you that you would want to watch him closely when he is on the couch and put him back on the floor yourself before you can no longer watch him closely. That can prevent him from injuring his legs by avoid them from jumping off the couch himself.

In conclusion, there is one rule of thumb to follow when it comes to when to let your Havanese jump off the couch, or bed, etc. If your Havanese cannot jump up on something, don’t let him jump down from that something. Although this rule can be a little conservative, it is almost always good to be on the safe side.

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