Why are Havanese Puppies so Expensive: Top 10 Reasons

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For those of you who are wondering why Havanese puppies are so extensive, the simple answer is that dogs are generally very expensive this day. Of course I am going to expand my super short answer, but before doing that, I want to first suggest to you that it is almost always better to adopt than to buy if you get a chance. I do also understand that it can be difficult to find that chance especially for a Havanese. The one thing that you can certainly control though is to take good care of your puppy from the very first day that you take him home. Anyway, here are some of the reasons why these puppies are so expensive.

The Labor Cost

You have to understand that dogs selling is a business afterall. And a business man’s main mission is to invest money and effort to make their investment grow. And the rule number one of a profit making company is to sell at a higher price than its related cost. Now, let’ talk about the Havanese in particular. The Havanese are very beautiful dogs that have long hair and grooming them regularly requires some labour cost.

The Rents are High

The pet shop business is something that can never become a pure-online business. You can definitely have a high traffic online shop that drive a lot of people into your physical shop but you still need that physical place for the dogs to live in. Since Havanese is a breed that has relative high energy and do need to exercise everyday, it is a must to have a reasonably big place for them to grow healthily. Rents may have gone up and down but they do generally go up if you ignore the short term fluctuations. That financial burden of a pet shop’s owner is of course reflected in the sales of a Havanese puppy.

The Foundation Dogs are Expensive

As mentioned, a pet shop is a business no matter how cheerful and friendly it is presented. In order to produce Havanese puppies, you need foundation dogs (the puppies’ parents or their parents’ parents, etc.) to begin with. With the rents and labor costs always generally going higher and higher, it is not too imagine how expensive the good foundation dogs can be.

Bathing & Grooming Facilities

Remember that a pet shop has more than one dog. The business wouldn’t make sense if that statement ain’t true. Building and maintaining suitable bathing and grooming facilities does cost a lot of money. In order to get return on investment, the most logical way to handle that is to raise the price of the Havanese puppies.


Small costs add up to be a large cost. Don’t underestimate the cost of seemingly little things like fencing. Although the Havanese is a small dog, these fencing costs do add up. Remember that they don’t only need fencing for sleeping and eating, they also need some for exercising and training.

Cameras, Computers & Internet

In order to stay competitive and organized, computers, web cameras and network and internet is crucial. Can you imagine how difficult it is for a super low-tech pet shop can monitor the activity and safety of the Havanese puppies 24 hours a day? And can you imagine if a pet shop can attract customers if they don’t use web cameras while the one next to it does? All these equipments are things that take a large one-time cost and recurring maintenance cost. That’s not counting the cost of resulting electricity yet.

Exercise & Training

As I have already touched on a little earlier, the Havanese is a dog that has pretty high level of energy and requires to do enough exercise everyday to stay happy and healthy. To be both functional and gimicky, a lot of pet shops do invest in facilities that allows the Havanese to do exercise and to be trained.

Hospitalizing Cost

This is a item of costs that can get very expensive and often not very predictable for a pet shop. In order to take care of that unpredictability, the business owner would need some sort of margin of safety. In order words, the business owner has to make sure that he sells his Havanese puppies in a high enough price so that even the medical cost of shop suddenly goes up in the next year, he won’t go out of business.

Marketing Cost

Word of mouth does help a lot for a pet shop to get new customers. However, not every shop is old enough or is good enough to use just word of mouth as the single source of getting new customers. They need advertising and all sorts of other marketing costs like blogging to make themselves stand out from the crowd.

Participation of Conformation Show

Participating in a conformation show does cost a lot, when you add up all the submission fees and traveling fees. Yet, that’s a good way to gain reputation and social proof. When a pet shop’s competitor is going to a conformation show, it kind of forces the pet shop to go in order to stay competitive. When you have to regularly go to these shows, whether it is annually or quarterly, the already big costs sum up to be a huge cost.

Supply & Demand

This is a very general reason that may probably be just the strongest reason why the Havanese puppies are so expensive. The market is most a efficient place, meaning that 99% of the time, the price of a product is driven by supply and demand. Since the Havanese are such popular dogs and the Havanese puppies are even more popular, there is no reason for the shop owner not to raise the price in order to capture the biggest possible profit.

For those of you who are curious why Havanese puppies are so expensive, hopefully you will understand by now that they may be expensive, yet it’s hard to judge whether they are overprices or not. Afterall, it is you who can come up with a value that makes sense for you.

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